View Full Version : Cotton bowl ND vs Clemson

12-16-2018, 09:01 PM
My brother wants to come visit and go to the game. I've never used ticket websites like StubHub or vivid tickets are they all about the same is it just a matter of finding the best price. What about totally tickets in bricktown? Also is it better to wait last minute?

12-16-2018, 09:15 PM
wait last minute.

If you buy this earlier you are a desperate buyer and basically giving the seller money thinking "i won't find tickets" or "i want to know i have tickets". Sellers are banking on that anxiousness. I always buy day of game.

One thing to always consider is fees. Basically add 20% or 25% to the ticket price and thats what you will pay. Go in understanding that. So if you buy a seat thats listed at $250, realize there might be $50 extra bucks on fees. So really its $300 for the ticket. I think on seat geek you can add the fees so you can see.

Not 100% sure but my guess is that totally tickets wouldn't actually have their own tickets for this game, so if you call them they will just look online add the fees and charge a fee themselves and quote you on that price.
On like a thunder game or OU game totally tickets might actually have their own seats.

hope that helps

12-16-2018, 09:44 PM
Thanks and I assume everything is e tickets like thinder games now. I told him I thought Best option jwould be just to come down get there Park and just wait until about an hour before kickoff

12-17-2018, 09:28 PM
I agree about waiting, but if you want to secure your seats prior to the game, I think the official ticket seller/re-seller is Seat Geek (like Ticketmaster with Thunder). I’d try it first and go from there. Prices there will also fall as the game gets closer.