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10-17-2005, 08:33 AM
Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been absent... Just been busy...Yell at me later okay? lol

Just wanted to personally invite EVERYONE of OKCTalk to the first Annual Oklahoma Paranormal Conference.
This event is open to the public :)

Join us for Oklahoma Culture. We are also having a Shriners Fund raiser... We would LOVE YOUR SUPPORT!

I will be one of the speakers also, so I personally would appriciate the support.

Click here for details!!!!! (

Click above for details.... ALSO... time is running out, if you mention you are a member of OKCTALK you will NOT have to pay the original admission.
$25 for an all day event, win prizes, hear stories about Oklahoma and witness ghostly "evidence" :)
Also, we will have a History of Horror movies and Oklahoma Icon Count Gregore will be there to meet everyone.

This event is Open to the public!
OKCtalk is all about local people, you all have been so supportive, so like I said mention OKCTalk and save $ at the door.

This is not a boring conference, it will be a lot of fun. All of our speakers are entertaining :) It starts at 10am Saturday... ALL AGES WELCOME!

We also have a goal for our Shriners Hospital Fund raiser! I know a lot of people are giving to the Katrina victims these days, but keep in mind this hits close to home to some of us, and these kids and families still need help!

Click here for details!!!!! (


10-19-2005, 11:39 AM
Make sure you grab a copy of the OKC Gazette today... it has a whole page write up about the Ocotober 22nd Paranormal Conference.

Hope to see you all on Saturday.

Remember OKCTALK Members will get the reduced price!

Have a great Halloween and see you all on Saturday!

Oh, on a side note... someone told me today that....

"Oklahomans are INFAMOUS for wanting and whining about different things to do... but when they get it, they dont show up..."

Please help prove this guy wrong!

10-23-2005, 11:41 AM
Shout out!

Just wanted to thank Delania & Leon for supporting the Conference this year. We raised a nice chunk of change for the Shriners!

Those who didnt attend the Conference, well, I wont go into detail but you pretty much missed out!

Count Gregore, we awarded him with a lifetime achievment award "for opening the minds and "spirits" of Oklahoma, very touching, and what a great guy he is! We later found out that he has NEVER in his life recieved any type of "award" ever. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. :)
THe count is just a jewel of an Oklahoman, and I really hated to see that so many Oklahomans have taken him for granted over the years. THey enjoyed him and have so many memories with him growing up, staying up late watching his movies and such, then they jsut forget him! No he's not a real life hollywood Celebrity but he is an Oklahoma Icon. One to be remembered. So, those who didnt attend, yeah, im laying a guilt trip on ya, but yeah, You missed it!

Also, the speakers (not including myself) were just great, Hearing about Oklahoma Tales from Oklahomans is such a great thing.
I am very proud of them all. For,Some this was the first time they spoke at such a venue and they did great.
I did get good news, we had two Oklahoma authors at the conference, both promoting Oklahoma History and tales in their books, they sold pretty much ALL of their books. :)

Oklahoma's Film Society Bradley Wynn, was the best emcee EVER!
I do ask that everyone supports local films and get involved, this is yet another part of Oklahoma that is overlooked and taken for granted.

I am not tooting my own horn, but I want to say that I am proud to have been involved with such a diverse group of people yesterday.
We didnt make a dime on this event, but it was well worth it.
I am just very sad to see that most Oklahomans are not interested in History and culture in our state. They preach it YES, they act on it, NO.

But I do think it was a learning lesson in life, for those who attended and that were involved enough to support this event.
There is a bigger picture, just too damn bad that the mass majority of Oklahomans really dont care much about.

Was the conference a success? HECK YEAH it was.
Will there be another? YES.
Will it be in OKC? (hummm. Not sure so about that yet)

But a huge thank you to those who actually support culture in Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!