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"It was all a very exciting and different experience for us," said Hal Reynolds, who also coached the Dolls for two of their four years of existence. "It was amazing what we accomplished, because most of the girls we had here never played any kind of football in their lives. " After Mike Reynolds read an article in The Oklahoman about a game between the Toledo Troopers and Dallas Shamrocks, he figured Oklahoma City, beleaguered by several unsuccessful minor league and semi-pro franchises over the years, could use a new twist.

Gridiron Girls Oklahoma City Dolls Blitzed Tradition, Had Fun in '70s Show of Nonconformity:

Brothers Hal and Mike Reynolds thought Oklahoma City needed one, too.

"My brother and I are very close. I called him and said 'Hey, this is just what we need to do, to start a team in Oklahoma City,'" Reynolds said.

So, in 1976, the Oklahoma City Dolls were born.

"I played middle linebacker,” said Joan Bone, who was Joan Williams at the time.

Bone was also a mother to five children and worked as a machinist.

"But, I never used the fact that I was a woman."

“We had to learn everything,” Women fighting on and off the field for equal rights with the Oklahoma City Dolls:

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I remember going to one of their games; they routinely beat opponents by 60-70 point margins.