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Thomas Vu
01-25-2018, 09:11 PM
I don't think I've seen any threads about this place, yet.


What I ordered and a bit of what my friend ordered

This place has been open for 2 months or so? It's on 178th and Penn. I came away rather impressed with this place. Some of the better Thai I've had in awhile. The thai tea wasn't overly sweet, but that could be because they add whipped cream and I didn't mix it with the drink. Ordered the summer rolls as an appetizer. They're fairly long and it only had two shrimp, but it wasn't bad. The peanut sauce was warm which was a welcome surprise. They also have this spicy sauce that would put fish sauce to shame in terms of--for lack of better term--vinegar-iness. The sauce also has a noticeable kick. If you want to take the edge off of it, it mixes well with the peanut sauce.

I ordered the massaman curry and what you see in the background of the picture is spicy bamboo stir fry. The portions were extremely generous. I could make 2-3 more meals out of it. It was also pretty good. Viscosity was just right, and if I had to complain, they definitely don't give you enough rice.
The stir fry was pretty good too. They packaged our leftovers for us, which reminded me of the poor service thread I saw earlier. This maybe my default thai place when I have to head in the edmond direction anyway.