View Full Version : Sweet Minis Donut Company

12-23-2017, 10:46 AM
Couldn't find a thread dedicated to this business, so I started this one.

I pass by their location at 14600 N. Penn from time-to-time but rarely see more than a car or two out front.

Wife and I decided to stop by this morning, and man were we glad we did.

We just picked up a box of 6 minis. We immediately wished we had bought more. Really good and all made to order, so they are hot and fresh.

Reminded us of a place we'd frequent in Breckenridge. A little coffee and donut shop that had the same table top mini donut maker.

Wish they had one of these in east Edmond. Much better than the Daylight Donuts we get every couple of weeks.

Maple and chocolate with sprinklers were my favorite.

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