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10-05-2005, 11:45 AM
They just posted the following:

Southwest Airlines moved to thier new ticket counter and baggage claim areas Wednesday.

With the opening of Southwest’s new counter and baggage claim, all carriers at the airport will be operating from new areas of the terminal, and passengers will be able to access the security checkpoint and baggage claim level without passing through construction tunnels or exiting the building.

The center elevator, which will serve the ticketing level, bag claim level and the underground walkway from the parking garages is still about a month away from being opened to the public. In the interim, access to the tunnel level will be through an interior, temporary walkway near the new Southwest Airlines areas.

Work now begins on the final section of the terminal renovation. Three additional ticket counters, which will be Delta Airlines’ final location, two additional bag claim areas and the second security checkpoint will be added in this phase. Three new gates are already well underway.