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09-29-2005, 11:13 PM
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It's excellent!

The Way to Happiness book was written in 1981 in an effort to revert the decline in basic moral values, social decay and further disintegration of integrity and human decency. Internationally acclaimed, over 63,000,000 copies of this common sense guide have been distributed and used the world over and over 80 separate translations of The Way to Happiness book exist.

Non-religious and based entirely on common sense, the 21 values contained in the book have appeared among races and cultures throughout history. Philosophers from ancient to modern times have spoken about them.

But there is something different here. Modern man does not have an agreed-upon moral code that is appropriate for all, is understandable and addresses in a straightforward manner, issues pertinent to today's world and lifestyles. The Way To Happiness booklet fills this void. And, as a result, this small book is having profound effects around the world.

The Way to Happiness was specifically written as a non-religious work so that any public or private group can use its message of basic values and lessons to improve conditions in life. The Way To Happiness is appropriate to any cultural background, religious or otherwise, and in any private, public or governmental organization.

The Way to Happiness has been used and endorsed by leaders of many different faiths, as its simple but powerful messages are compatible with and complimentary to all the great religions of the world. Due to its non-religious nature it is also used extensively in public schools, private businesses, government departments such as prisons and probation offices as well as a wide variety of youth and community organizations.

For more info go to twth dot (short for organization)

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09-30-2005, 04:50 AM
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