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05-02-2016, 02:58 AM
It's unfortunate that Stillwater people are too reluctant to let go of an old junior high school currently serving as the community center for more than a decade. They don't want it to be lost and at most want it renovated. So don't expect anything as impressive, like the rather recently built Enid Event Center and Convention Hall.

05-02-2016, 10:29 AM
Absolutely ridiculous!

Nothing is ever going to happen! Our council is so worried about hurting it's relationships with private entities that it won't do what the people want. Unfortunately, most want to save the community center. I for one, do not. It's going to be too expensive to save/remodel. When it finally falls apart in the next 5-10 years n one will know what to do. We might as well bulldoze and build new. Build a new center and space somewhere else downtown.
I can't believe a group wants public space when there is a park half a mile to the west and south.
I'm just frustrated with the situation and lack of movement. Glad my taxes are going to nothing...

05-02-2016, 07:12 PM
Stillwater people behind this are just thinking too small. Perhaps their problem is they haven't been to other community centers. I've been to the one in Enid and was just totally blown away by it. And that was just from attending a Christmas Party in one of the spacious ballrooms. There are at least 4 or 5 of them. I didn't see the arena.

Maybe Stillwater should really put a new community center near one of the two areas where the hotels are concentrated. The west side seems to have the most space available. But the other area, Hall of Fame and Main doesn't have adequate space, if using Strickland Park is out of the question. Buying up housing is possible, but would be expensive.

Anyway, if a plan is put up to a vote of the people, I hope it turns out to be a decent one. Of course, the old junior high, now community center should be torn down and something bigger and better put in its place.

05-03-2016, 01:29 PM
I wish! I just know they people (mostly older) will not allow that.

I totally agree most people are thinking small. Go big or go home!

05-17-2016, 03:16 AM
ha, ha, Here I guess, but not for certain, is somebody's joke of an idea how the renovated Stillwater Community Center would look like. By golly, it even comes complete with parking for school buses. MJ4uhNml8gZhEZBlTfbAzKpiVAhBJpzlsdaE+aHPqjCWABjQLk X1OpknyWQ6MNmLS7JC1IA8BUbK5Gvhojpjz9PllElvnDJVBjPn FgEg2lYZysfVaE/3/F/FUOs=&u=

05-17-2016, 11:14 AM
Never mind. Pictured is community center for Stillwater, New York.