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02-23-2016, 09:34 AM
Oklahoma appeals court reinstates Mixon video lawsuit | News OK (

First, let me state this is not about football or the University of Oklahoma. Iím very concerned about this case and strongly against the release of the video. If the video was used as evidence in a trial, Iím in full agreement it should be publicly released. However, the video was never used as evidence in a trial and merely an item collected for review by the DAís office. If someone is arrested for selling illegal copies of Star Wars, should the video be released to the public as a public record? I would assume the movie studio would protest because their property was being released and it would cause economic hardship. Similarly, the value of the video to Picklemanís will be diminished should it be released. Another concern I have is the breadth of what could be considered public record for materials collected as a result of a search warrant. Imagine if a member of your family was arrested for some type of crime involving a computer and your homeís computers were seized. Under this scenario, would all of your private documents become public record because it was possessed and reviewed by the DA? Finally, Iím disgusted by the double standard and political bias we see so often in the judicial system. Why was it not in the public interest to release documents and open the trials for the divorces of Mary Fallin and Harold Hamm? The media didnít file suit and pursue the release of records for these individuals, yet they do so for athletes when itís deemed salacious. How much more in the public interest could it be when involving the Governor and the CEO of one of the largest companies in the state. Before you argue about the private nature of divorce, remember the unsealing of Ed Shadidís divorce records led by the Daily Oklahoman in the name of public disclosure.

02-23-2016, 09:50 AM
I just wish these gifted athletes would realize that they are literally under the microscope from the time they get selected out of high school until they are done playing. They're so fortunate to have the talent and opportunity and they still go out and act a fool (even if they didn't, giving the public impression that you DID is just the same).