View Full Version : Uptown Phase 3

04-15-2015, 07:16 AM
Well after a decade, it looks like North Start is finally getting off it's butt and proceeding with phase 3's work on Uptown. In normal fashion of North Start's terrible management, they waited until AFTER one of their longest and largest tenants (Michaels) finally gave up and closed rather that continue to do business with them before they bothered to do any work. So far they're only doing the western half of phase 3, so we'll see if they bother to continue over into the populated portions of the structure. It's just fašade work again and we'll have to wait to see what it turns out like, but at least it's SOMETHING more than the horrible coat of paint they previously put on phase 3.

07-21-2015, 07:26 AM
I'm going to have to give a C- to NorthStar on their attempt at phase 3. They did improve the look of the section they worked on, but like every other renovation in Uptown that they've done, they took it down one level from the previous and cheapened the look from the last phase. And what's worse, they didn't even finish the dang job!!!! All they did was the section that included the old Michaels and the thrift store. The left the entire eastern section of the building untouched...Hancocks, Langstons, etc. Why even bother if you can't do the whole building. Now it is painfully obvious that they didn't finish....and they didn't touch the sign either.

Sometimes I just want to find these guys and punch them. They're such a let-down and so lazy. The whole thing would have been better if they dozed all of the structures and started over from scratch than what they're doing here. And the Journal building STILL sits empty years and years after phase 1. And so much of the phase 1 building is still empty as well.