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02-07-2015, 05:59 PM
There is a recent burst of construction at the site of the old Best Cleaners just south of the Dollar General at NW 63rd and MacArthur. I heard at one time a church had bought that site plus the vacant lot behind the MidFirst Bank, but that was a few years ago. Does anyone have an update?

02-07-2015, 06:08 PM
The old cleaners site has not sold recently. Still owned by the same group that owns the Dollar General immediately south.

The large vacant lot to the west hasn't sold, either.

It's really hard to track building permits in Warr Acres, as they always refer me to the mayor who then never calls back.

02-08-2015, 01:37 PM
They did the necessary environmental remediation about 2 years ago. The site has been vacant since them (except for the monitoring equipment). A bulldozer and backhoe showed up last Thursday. There is a large sheet of plastic over what used to be the building slab and some of the parking. The rest of the vacant lot to the west has been bladed (the grass removed). Those useless sheets of black plastic have been staked up along the eastern edge of the vacant lot behind the Dollar General (the ones supposed to catch and sediment in the runoff, the lot generally slopes to the SE). I go by there every day so I will see if they've done more on Monday.

02-13-2015, 09:53 PM
My son is a co-owner of the "Feathered Nest" and his landlord owns the property referenced. He said the landlord is constructing a build to suit for Goodwill.

02-14-2015, 06:38 AM
I didn't expect that since Goodwill has a large store just one mile south. I would assume they will close that location. Warr Acres has been promoting 50th and MacArthur as "Town Center". With the imminent widening and streetscape being done there, they were hoping to draw more businesses. Maybe this will force the owners of the NE corner to make some long overdue improvements.