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09-03-2005, 04:06 PM
Anybody heard any news on Spring Creek Village or The Bridges at Spring Creek? Still haven't heard what stores will go into SCV but construction seems to be going well. It looks like it will be even nicer than Spring Creek Plaza.

09-19-2005, 11:13 PM
Well I'm suprised no one has an opinion on this matter. Well, here's some news. All I can say is I'm gonna be pissed off if the city denies the developers of a super upscale development the zoning change they need when they just allowed the building of a WAL-MART against even greater protest.

Council to hear Bridges project

Saturday, September 10, 2005 10:01 PM CDT

Lisa Shearer

The Edmond Sun
It's really going to happen, officials say of the public hearings for Bridges at Spring Creek, a shopping center proposal next to Hafer Park.

The Edmond City Council is set to have public hearings at 5:30 p.m. Monday on a proposal to amend the Edmond Plan III and possibly rezone 31 acres of land along Bryant Avenue for a 163,000-square-foot commercial development that is hotly contested by many residents.

Sooner Investments seeks to develop the property once owned by former Mayor Whit Marks's family that nestles in between Hafer Park and the Spring Creek shopping center at 15th Street and Bryant Avenue.

Many neighboring residents have formed an opposition group called Bryant ACCORD III. Attorney Lydia Lee, who represents the group, said the residents are relieved the project is finally getting a public hearing.

It will actually be the second public hearing at City Council, but the project was postponed last May without a vote because the council asked the developer to provide several pieces of additional information. Since then, the project has been set for public hearing dates, but been postponed for various reasons - once at the request of the neighbors and the others at the request of the developer.

"One way or another the issue should be decided Monday night," Lee said Friday.

The attorney said she does not see much different in the developer's proposal from what was discussed in May.

"Traffic is always going to be an issue," Lee said. "The developer has provided information in the past that shows an additional 10,000 cars a day. There's so much traffic in this area already that an additional 10,000 cars has to have an impact."

There is already about 31,000 cars a day traveling through the intersection.

Drainage is also a concern to residents, Lee said.

"The city is getting ready to spend $3 million of taxpayer money to fix those problems," she said. The city plans to replace bridges on both Bryant and Coltrane to help with those drainage problems now affecting the Chimney Hills addition, which is behind the proposed shopping center.

Lee said her constituents believe the more than $1 million property should be developed per its existing zoning, which is set for single family housing.

Attorney Randel Shadid, who represents the developers, said he, too, is ready for the council to make its decision on the project Monday night.

"I'm ready to roll," he said Friday.

Changes made to the plans during the three-month period of continuances include agreeing to preserve some trees on the south side of the property. Moving the buildings further away from Pelican Bay Aquatic Center to allow more berming to be put in and offering two options on its drainage plan.

On Monday night, the council will consider the original detention plan. But the developers have proposed to do additional detention to help the city solve an existing drainage issue in Chimney Hills if the city is willing to give up a part of its land in Hafer Park to build a second fishing/detention pond. That issue has not been given a hearing before the city as yet, and won't be heard until the rezoning is decided.

Shadid said if the city decides to take the second option for the additional drainage, engineers for Sooner Investment estimate it could lower flood waters by 1 foot in a 100-year rain event.

Other aspects of the project include a 75,000-square-foot department store, widely said to be a Belks Department Store, and a vehicle span bridge as well as a pedestrian span bridge over an arm of the creek that runs through the property.

As to residents' concerns about traffic, Shadid said it's inevitable that traffic will grow.

"We know there will be some increase whether we do this project or put 200 houses on it," Shadid said, but also said his clients are commited to putting a commercial project on the property.

Shadid said even though many have proposed that the city buy the property from Sooner to add it into Hafer Park, his clients have not been approached by the city to pursue that as an option.

"I'm surprised the city didn't try to do something on that land long ago," he said.

"Irrespective of what happens, that property will develop," Shadid said.

Sooner Investment also has provided a lot more detail about the upcoming projet than would normally occur during a rezoning application. Shadid said the purpose of this is to allow the city to put any restrictions and requirements it deems necessary into the actual zoning. "That's the beauty of a PUD (Planned Unit Development zoning)," he said.

The meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Monday at City Council Chambers, 20 S. Littler. It also is televised on Cable Channel 20 in Edmond.