View Full Version : OKC Panhandler Busted & Confronted

Plutonic Panda
10-03-2014, 09:47 PM
I've given money to this lady before. I also know of ANOTHER lady who sits at I-240 and Shields and acts handicapped yet always has new Dodge Dart parked over at the Walmart parking lot usually. I also bought a guy 5 hamburgers from McDonald's one time and he was holding a sign that hungry need money for food and I gave him the bag and threw it across Shields and said "what the f#ck is this sh!t, I NEED MONEY!!!!" so I said f%ck you, parked my car in the middle of the street and walked to other side and picked up the bag and gave it to a dog next door. I made sure I told every backed up what the deal is and how much of a scumbag this guy was. A lot of phonies going around.

There are some good ones out and go eat with one every other Wednesday, but watch you back out there!

Warning: Profanity!

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