View Full Version : Why Settle for the "Great" State "Fair" . . ?

08-27-2014, 07:05 PM
(Of Oklahoma) when You can Experience actual Excellence? (mostly made in Oklahoma).

Before you jump to conclusions and confuse this with some sort of BS ad . . .

A friend of the virtually metaphorical family (who is associated with an Old School Office Supply purveyor up there, somewhere on the road to Edmond, and who was scheduled to do some grilling of the best beef and sausage in the entire state) informed my sweet wife that there was going to be a "tasting" at the current location of Gourmet Gallery in Northpark Mall.

After visiting the OSU Farmer's Market, earlier in the day--like, last Saturday--we made the short drive to the non-descript center of commerce at 122nd and May. To search out the current location of Gourmet Gallery.

Gourmet Gallery goes back a few years. At least in my experience. In fact, I asked one of the ladies, who appeared to be in charge of the operation, if they didn't used to be up in Edmond somewhere. She readily admitted that the used to be in Kickingbird Square and have moved at least three times since then. I smiled and said, "I remember going to that location to get some Maytag Blue Cheese for an arranged salad back in the day."

We re-encountered, previously encountered--like, the same day-- representatives of Lovera's Grocery (Krebs and Farmers Market) plus Della Terra Pasta (OKC). Just tonight, I finished some fresh cooked Tilapia with some Gigi's Prickly Pear Jelly (Gourmet Gallery) and some fresh jalapeno's from the "Salsa Garden" of one of my wife's co-worker's first attempts at gardening. It was beyond good. It was close to great. We have more jams and jellies yet to use.

Dave "the food dude" Cathey was also an attendee. He drove a PT Cruiser festooned with The Oklahoman LogoStuff. Some skinny deal-maker was monopolizing his time, at the Open House/Tasting/Grand Re-re-re Opening, so I didn't get a non-waiting chance to tell him how much I appreciate his writing. In the newslpaper. And online.

The Farmers Market plus Odds and Ends from the Fine Folk at Gourmet Gallery are hard to beat.
More than "Fair" so to speak. =)