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08-26-2005, 11:59 AM
Looks like Paul Thompson will be the starting QB for the Sooners. I'm really not surprised.

"OU names Thompson starting quarterback

By George Schroeder
The Oklahoman

NORMAN - Oklahoma named a starting quarterback Thursday. But the competition continues.

Coach Bob Stoops announced Paul Thompson would start the season opener against TCU Sept. 3. But in a twist from earlier OU quarterback races, Stoops said Rhett Bomar will play “early in games as well as late in games.”

The indication was clear: The race, which offensive coordinator Chuck Long described as the closest he’s coached, is not over.

“The games are the final grade,” Long said. “That’s the final frontier.”

Stoops and Long chose not to call their plan a two-quarterback system. Both emphasized Thompson had earned the right to start. And neither would elaborate on how they would divide playing time between the quarterbacks.

“We just felt it was so close and we see such positive signs with Rhett that we feel we need to continue to develop those,” Stoops said.

But Long said Thompson “had the better body of work” when Long evaluated the quarterbacks’ performances from spring practice and preseason camp. Several times Thursday, Long described Thompson, a fourth-year junior who has been the understudy to Nate Hybl and Jason White, as “steady.”

“He showed a lot of steadiness to us throughout the whole process,” Long said. “He was very steady and consistent. That’s what you look for in a quarterback is consistency.”

Bomar, meanwhile, had thrown several interceptions and near-interceptions in recent scrimmages. But coaches stressed Bomar, a redshirt freshman who was judged by most recruiting services to be the nation’s top high school quarterback 18 months ago, had shown them plenty of positive signs.

“I just felt overall there was a little more consistency there, to some degree, with Paul,” Stoops said. “But it was still very close. We expect that Rhett will continue to grow and improve and has a great opportunity to continue to compete for it.”

After Wednesday’s scrimmage, Long reviewed the quarterbacks’ performances. He met Thursday morning with the offensive staff, then with Stoops. Thursday afternoon, Long met individually with Thompson and Bomar.

Thompson said he was relieved to finally get the nod.

“It’s kind of good right now to be clear about where I’m at and where everybody knows I’m at,” Thompson said, “so I can move forward and start to produce for this team.”

And Bomar? He admitted his disappointment - “I ain’t happy,” he said - and sounded a defiant note.

“I’m a competitor. I want to play,” Bomar said. “I didn’t come here to sit the bench. And I don’t plan on it. So I’m going to get out there and do my thing when I get my opportunity.”

Long said he liked Bomar’s “fire.” And he suggested the first few games would give both quarterbacks a chance to prove themselves.

“We feel good about Paul,” Long said. “He won the job. But again, games are different. You never know about a quarterback until you put him in hot water. That’s the bottom line.”

Although it’s unlikely TCU or Tulsa would heat the water too much, Bomar suggested he would be glad to show his ability in a game. During practices, OU’s quarterbacks are off-limits to defensive players. And although both quarterbacks are mobile, coaches’ whistles are often quick.

“Once you get into a game, everything is different,” Bomar said. “I think our style of play, especially my style of play, people won’t be able to see until I get into a game. You take the blue jerseys off. And you can run around and make plays and get excited and things like that.”

Bomar’s exuberance might have hurt his chances to win the job. He admitted he’d made some mistakes in recent scrimmages. But he took issue with the perception he takes too many risks.

“I know what I’m doing out there,” Bomar said. “I’m going through my reads. I’ll throw the ball down the field. I’ll fit it into tight spots sometimes. I get excited out there and I’ll throw it down the field and make plays. But I’m not going to throw it into (defenses).”

Meanwhile, Thompson took issue with the idea he is simply steady.

“I’m getting ready to get out here on the field and make some plays,” he said.

Thompson said he was told he had won the job in part because of his leadership and “a lot of little things.” He wasn’t excited about splitting time with Bomar.

“We’re going to do what we have to do to score points and improve this team,” Thompson said. “If that’s their plan, then I’m all for it and I’ll support their decisions.”

It’s a different tack than coaches took in 2001, when Hybl was named the starter after a competition with White, and in 2002, when White was named starter over Hybl.

“The gap is closer (now) as opposed to Nate and Jason,” Long said. “There was a little bit more separation there.”

Long said Thompson would get the majority of practice time next week as OU prepares for TCU. But he said he wasn’t certain how he would divide snaps during the game.

Stoops said it was enough that Bomar would continue to get the opportunity to play.

“The competition never ends,” Stoops said. “We’ll see how it goes.” "

08-26-2005, 12:31 PM
I'm not surprised either.

For Peoples who say P. Thompson didn't win the QB job....well, he didn't lose it like R.Bomar did.

Remember the Orange Bowl?
Remember Turnovers?

nuff said.

08-26-2005, 12:34 PM
Bomar actually reminds me somewhat of White, only he's more mobile. Bomar tends to take risks, trying to force plays, throwing in the middle of crowds, etc. We need someone whose more accurate and steady. Plus, I like Thompson's ability to run the ball.

08-26-2005, 12:49 PM
Don't get me wrong, I love Bomar too.
Just not right now.

"When the lights are on" is the real test. If Thompson struggles ,I'm sure the coaches won't hesitate to change it up.

With no proven QB , the defenses will force OU to throw this year. I'm thinking Peterson won't have an easy season............ he may not even play every game. In fact, I've already bet he wouldn't get 1500 yards this season. I got great odds though 12/1.