View Full Version : Couple cool Fall events

08-17-2005, 09:13 PM
As you all know I host "historically haunting tours" here in OKC.. the season is kicking off already!

Also! Ocotber 22nd there will be the first annual Oklahoma Paranormal Conference!

Celebrity guests, Oklahoma authors and TONS of great spooky fun! Just in time for Halloween!

We are doing a fund raiser for The Shriners Hospitals of Oklahoma also!
This is an Oklahoma event and we promise everyone to have a great time!!

08-17-2005, 09:14 PM
Oh, and sorry I havent been online much.. just been real busy here lately!!

08-18-2005, 09:24 AM
Do you have a website?

I'm not what you would call a "believer", but I did a ghost tour recently in Savanah, GA and it was a lot of fun. I think there's an interesting insight about a culture to hear the local mythology and legends.

08-18-2005, 09:59 AM
Yep! Its for fun we are not out to change peoples minds or personal beliefs. :)

Dungeon Master
08-18-2005, 10:31 AM
Hey Spookytourchick,

Do you have any info on the first annual Oklahoma Paranormal Conference? I went to your web site but didn't see anything on it. Or maybe I overlooked it?
We need to hook up soon with the fall season approaching.

08-18-2005, 11:01 AM
Yes, its on there... Just click on the Oklahoma Paranormal Conference Graphic.. and yeah! Email me, our tours start up next weekend and we would love to help ya out!

Dungeon Master
08-18-2005, 11:16 AM
Yep, it's confirmed. I need to get my eyes checked.
Thanks Spookytourchick. Looks to be a really cool conference.

08-18-2005, 11:45 AM
Well, the important thing is, that its for everyone, not just "ghost enthusiasts"...
It is a halloween/oklahoma event. :)
It will be entertaining no boring speakers at all!