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05-29-2014, 12:52 PM
Here's What Corporate America Really Thinks About You (

I used the Acxiom link in the article to see what we are listed as, and our household is "Solid Prestige Cluster #5" (which is BS 'cos we're not wealthy at all, we drive 7 and 11 year old cars, some of the rest is true, we don't have much discretionary money, but we do spend it on better-than-average things (life is too short to eat crappy food, etc.)):

Cluster 5 households are wealthy empty nesters. At a mean age of 55, they are extremely well educated and still well compensated (ranked seventh for household income) in professional and managerial white-collar jobs. Cluster 5 households are well established in their communities. They are top-dollar investors in mutual funds and securities. They drive new domestic cars and SUVs. Their substantial discretionary time and money are spent on gourmet foods and wine, foreign travel, golf, boating and similar high-end pastimes. However, they are also community activists, belonging to business, charitable, religious and civic organizations.

Check your household out -

05-29-2014, 08:43 PM
"At a mean age of 60,Cluster 23 is the bedrock of their established neighborhoods. Aging, upper-middle income and now child-free, they have time to spend on activities like gardening and bird watching. They also now find time to dine out, listen to live theater and music events and participate in religious and veteran’s clubs. They are more conservative with their investments at this stage of their life, owning CD’s and Savings Bonds. They enjoy domestic travel and often vacation at their time-share. Their grocery carts hold increasing amounts of sugar-free and low-fat products, yet they enjoy an occasional trip to Cheesecake Factory."

Nearly Total B.S. (At least the Cheesecake Factory part--to be "forced" to go there is not the same as "enjoying" the trip.) =)
(plus, I feel like "at a kind age of 60+" . . . not a mean age.)

05-30-2014, 04:38 PM
That's me: 60-year-old bedrock.