View Full Version : Tulsa Soccer

05-22-2014, 08:34 AM
Now Tulsa is up to three soccer teams.

Currently playing is the Tulsa Athletics that are run by old Tulsa Roughnecks people that play at what was drillers stadium. It's only an amateur team today but the team pulls big crowds and the owners are redoing the stadium to be more specific for soccer and working on moving up to the NASL in the next year or so.

Next is the new Tulsa Roughnecks FC that is owned by the Drillers and will be in USL-Pro and play at Oneok field.

Now there's the Tulsa Revolution which will be in the new top level indoor league, MASL and play at the Tulsa Convention Center.

Not all of these teams can survive. I understand OKC is in much the same situation.