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08-12-2005, 09:05 PM
It is so heartbreaking to see children without families. We were foster parents for about six years in California. It was a painful thing to do for many reasons. It was also gratifying. There are so many children who need homes... it makes me so sad.

Has anyone experienced either being a foster parent or having a relative in foster care?

My nephew was taken away at age one.. I was overcome with the grief of him being away from our family even for a few days. My mom and I got custody immediately and had him live with us but even for those few days when he was in a children's shelter, I thought I would absolutely die. He didn't have his teddy bear and he didn't know any of these people ( my stupid ass sister was on drugs and he was taken from her as she was arrested- I didn't know any of this was even going on until I got a phone call - completely devastating). Thank God I was in a position to get him out and take him home but so many people can't.
This was the reason I ended up doing foster care years later. He is nineteen now, but the memory is still so fresh.....

I wish these kids could be given homes and families who love them.... the system doesn't always make it easy though. Do you have any experience with foster care and the system?