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03-17-2014, 07:33 PM
Just wanted to drop a note about Bob Moore Audi.

One of the cars in my family is a 2008 Q7. Since Amarillo doesn't have an Audi dealer, I choose to take it to Bob Moore for maintenance. Recently, the vehicle lost the entire multimedia system, which was discovered during a routine oil change. If you're like me, you cringe every time you think something might be wrong with your car. Thankfully, Bob Moore has been fantastic through the entire ordeal. What started as a weekend trip to OKC for an oil change is about to turn into three weekend trips and a hefty service bill. But, the attitude of the employees in the Service Department has made everything more acceptable; they even provided me with a loaner car to drive back to Texas while they work to ensure the multimedia system is installed and operating properly. After the second visit, which failed to correct anything, the Service Manager actually sent a handwritten "thank you" note to my home, thanking me for entrusting Bob Moore to do this work.

I know some people may have not had such a great experience with Bob Moore, but the Audi folks sure have been instrumental in making this entire situation more comfortable.

03-17-2014, 08:17 PM
I've been very pleased with their Infiniti service. Been with them through two cars since around 2001

03-17-2014, 10:22 PM
In 2000, I bought a 98 Camaro Z28 from Bob Moore Porsche Audi on Broadway in Edmond. It was a trade they had taken in and really didn't fit in with all the other used mainly Porsches and Audis on their used car lot. They were a complete pleasure to do business with buying the car and even offered to let me take the car home on a Friday night and return it on Monday, no strings attached to make sure I wanted to buy the car. So much different than any other dealer I had ever bought a car from. Very professional and sold me the car for a very low price. One of the easiest car purchases I've ever made.

Jim Kyle
03-17-2014, 10:48 PM
In 1990, I bought an Eagle Premier demonstrator from Bob Howard. Not long afterward, I planned a drive to Lake Charles, LA, to visit my oldest son, and took the Eagle back to Howard to have the oil changed, all fluids checked, and the tires rotated since it had enough miles on it to need rotation. Next morning I left for Louisiana.

There was a strange noise from the rear area but I paid little attention to it, until just south of Pauls Valley on I35 it grew much louder and the vehicle began to swerve madly on its own. I quickly pulled to the shoulder and stopped to see what was wrong. The driver's-side rear wheel was tilted at a crazy angle! I jacked the car up and set out to get the wheel straight again. All the lug nuts were loose, their studs were badly worn, and one nut and stud were completely gone! I tightened the remaining nuts as best I could and very carefully continued on to Ardmore, where I found a Joe Esco Tire Shop with a lift. They re-threaded the studs for me and tightened the nuts down with an air wrench, so I very carefully continued on the trip but at greatly reduced speed.

In Lake Charles I took it to a Dodge/Eagle dealer and learned that the entire rear axle would have to be replaced. They contacted Howard and learned that the mechanic had failed to tighten the lug nuts. Howard paid all costs of the repair, plus renting me a replacement for the remainder of the visit while a new axle was flown in from a distant warehouse and installed.

I was ready to drop Howard's service completely at that point, but my wife argued that they would now have a red flag on my records there and would take more care than anyone else to avoid a repeat, so we stayed with them.

A couple of years later, they had to do some work on the oil pump. Next day when I left for work, I noticed that the oil pressure gage was stuck at zero. I called the service manager, who told me to drive it to the shop. He insisted that it would not damage the engine. I called a co-worker, who came out and drove beside me on the trip just in case there was trouble. About halfway through the 8-mile drive to the shop, the engine began to make funny noises and overheat. I shut it down and used my friend's cell phone to call the shop manager and demand a tow truck.

When they opened the engine, they discovered that the mechanic had forgotten to reinstall the locking key that drove the oil pump.

That was my last dealing with Bob Howard, for any purpose. At that time, the only other Dodge dealership in the northwest quadrant was Bob Moore, then located on NW 13 between Broadway and Robinson. However they had announced plans to move to their present location on NW Hiway between Rockwell and Council. As soon as they made the move, I took the Eagle to them for its next oil change and told the service writer the story.

I've been with them ever since, and have bought three Town and Country vans, one Plymouth Neon, one PT Cruiser convertible, and most recently a 2008 Sebring convertible from them over the years. They still fill all my service needs. I've never had anything but excellent results from them.

I conclude that giving good service to every customer is a major point of their top-level company policy. i just wish that all their competitors had that same attitude!

Richard at Remax
03-18-2014, 12:04 AM
I tried to buy an audi from them but they didn't take me seriously due to my age and tried to send me to a less luxurious make. That plus a lot of terrible negotiating skills on the salesmans part did me in. So I walked out and ended up flying to Houston and Sewell of north Houston picked me up from the airport and I was in and out and on my way home in 45 min. Saved $4k too. Now this was in 2012 and the manager is gone now so maybe it's different.

The service is actually really good but don't bother scheduling online because I showed up today for 830 appointment with confirmation email and I wasn't in the system. But they serviced it anyway so I was thankful.

03-20-2014, 11:00 AM
Regardless of manufacturer, I am reluctant to purchase a vehicle that has only one local dealer. The lack of competition and option places the consumer at a disadvantage, whether buying new or used, or having service work performed.

03-20-2014, 06:40 PM
I have been dealing with the Infiniti side of the store for nearly eight years, with no complaints.

03-20-2014, 10:46 PM
Audi service is top notch at Bob Moore. Expensive, but top notch. They've been very good to me throughout my 5 Audis, some of which were bought from them, some in Dallas. Their attitude was the same no matter where I bought the car.