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01-29-2014, 11:43 PM
From Fox News (
Icy interstates and highways soon became clogged with cars and trucks.
Thousands of motorists soon found themselves stranded with nowhere to
go including many stuck on Highway 280.
Some of the drivers had been stuck in their cars for nearly seven hours
without any food or water. So the staff of the Chick-fil-A decided to lend a
helping hand.

We cooked several hundred sandwiches and stood out on both sides of 280
and handed out the sandwiches to anyone we could get to as long as we
had food to give out.

The staffers braved the falling snow and ice, slipping and sliding, as they
offered hot juicy chicken breasts tucked between two buttered buns. And
Chick-fil-A refused to take a single penny for their sandwiches.

The meal was a gift no strings attached.
For the frozen drivers, it was manna from heaven.
Were not open for business, she said. Were just feeding people who
are hungry.
Its no secret that Chick-fil-A was founded by a Christian family. And its
no secret that they run their business on biblical values. What happened
in Birmingham is an example of how those biblical values are played out.
Id say the Chick-fil-A team blessed a lot of people in Birmingham but
thats not how Audrey sees it.Its a blessing to us to be able to help
people, she said. It really is.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, Jesus said in the
Gospel of Matthew. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in.

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