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12-29-2013, 08:04 AM
Population Explorer (

Found this awesome and fun tool, Population Explorer, that lets you draw shapes onto the map and it calculates an estimated population within that shape, also giving the total area of the shape (in sq. km.) and lots of other demographic data.

I made this using Population Explorer because I have always been curious how many people live in the Edmond and Moore areas, since OKC takes up a large amount of land in those areas too.

North of the Kilpatrick has a population of ~117,000 (within the shape).
South of I-240 and north of Norman has ~110,000.
And constrained around Norman has ~ 113,000.

You could conceptually redraw city limits and see about how many people live there!
That would be fun to do for OKC, seeing how many people would live in the city if you downsized it. I might do that. :wink: