View Full Version : Vampires in Transilvania STILL exist!!!

Dungeon Master
07-18-2005, 05:41 PM
This is no joke either.

I myself am a victim in the rampage of a vampire in Transilvania Romania.

Although their passion in the past was that of the blood from their victims. Times have changed and so has their choice of nutrition to survive.

You see, they sucked the life out of my monetary veins, not my blood veins.

Over this past weekend I tried to make a simple $55.00 purchase (the day after payday mind you) and was rejected by credit card. I thought, OK the card system must be down (again) and I'll just get some cash out of the 7-11 down the street. I could only get $30.00 out because the $60.00 amount was above the daily maximum for withdrawal.

That told me something isnít right.

This morning I checked with my credit union and sure enough, ZERO balance with a negative in the checking. Not good! Not good at all!

After the lady at the credit union looked at the activity on the computer, she said, "Dungeon Master, you have been side tracked by a vampire in Transilvania".

My eyes glowed red in anger but I kept my cool as it wasn't her fault. She printed out the transactions and showed me. Sure enough, in the actual country and city was Transilvania, Dan Buzau Romania. Several ATM transactions from that location sucked the life out of my precious vault.

For a Dungeon Master to operate his dungeon he must not be disturbed by any intrusion into his daily life or that person responsible will pay. And this DID intrude in my daily life.

For the fool who did this to me, I will not forget and will sit silently and wait until the time is right for the revenge to be fully appreciated.

I'm sure some have read the story of the earlier days of the dungeon and why people suffered and were tortured. Because they stepped across the lines in the beliefs of the Dungeon Master. WELL THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. I have patience and I have determination. I'll wait for the night to fall and that person will wish he were never born.

That person has been warned.

BUT, there is a good side to all this. My credit union covers fraud and my funds will be returned by the credit union (it must have been my red eyes).

What I'm trying to say is, be watchful of ATM scanners or observers around ATM machines and keep an eye on your hard earned money. And make sure you ARE covered by fraud on any accounts/credit cards you have.

Don't worry about the vampire, HE'S ALL MINE.

Dungeon Master

07-18-2005, 06:28 PM
ahh, DungeonMaster, I'm so sorry that happened to you - what a pain in the a** ........... hope it all gets worked out soon.

07-19-2005, 11:59 AM
drama much?

Dungeon Master
07-19-2005, 03:25 PM
Well diesel,

I just wanted to share my experience (which actually happened and it was Transilvania) so others can think about this and be vigilant and keep their eyes open. It doesn't hurt to help each other out you know. I appreciate being warned by others of scammers and such no matter what form it comes in.

Dungeon Master