View Full Version : Former Target Reno & Midwest/Proposed Ambulance Station

10-16-2013, 10:39 PM
It looks like the former Target Store is back on the market again. I guess, the new ambulance facility was a no go.

I had heard from an EMSA medic that Midwest EMS would likely be narrowing there operations to Midwest City only because the service will likely be turned back over to the city and released from the hospitals ownership as a part of HMA's sell to CHS. CHS does not want to run an ambulance service. EMSA got wind of it because the east metro cities are looking to them to pick up where Midwest EMS will no longer be serving. Moore will likely fold into EMSTAT's service area since Norman Regional already has a hospital in Moore.

10-17-2013, 07:50 AM
I dont think that's accurate. The hospital runs the service and the area they cover is what it is because the MCMH/MCRH leadership (the city) chose to. With the HMA sale to CHS, the city will be getting the facility back. CHS won't really have any say in this anyway. They have about an ice cube's chance in hell of retaining the hospital at this point (now that the vote has passed).

I dont think CHS would give it up anyway. It's far too lucrative of an operation and that's one bright spot in the MRMC portfolio....and the E.R. That's one reason why the other cities like Moore and Choctaw are still using them instead of converting to the other options (EMSA ie crap....or EMStat for Norman).

I saw the new For Lease sign on Target, which is the first time there's been one since the hospital bought the building. Since they long since gave up on acctually doing what the promised (physician office/ambulance/etc), at least this way there's hope of someone using the place instead of it sitting empty looking sad.