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07-13-2005, 07:37 PM
This is from dwontownguy's blog a few days ago:

"Main Street

Don Karchmer might not be as well known as Jim Brewer. That's probably to the man's liking. But he's been around just as long, and has contributed just as much as Brewer. Karchmer isn't as boisterous.

But he gets things done.

He's been quietly buying and renovating buildings on Main Street in north Bricktown, and was one of the principals behind the north parking lots. But something has been missing in north Bricktown.

It's missing someone who makes a lot of noise and draws a lot attention. It's missing someone like ... Jim Brewer. But Karchmer apparently has some ideas of his own. After buying the old produce building at 1 East Main, Karchmer is renovating it and making it a temporary home to the buffalo sculptures that have been so popular but also unable to withstand Oklahoma weather.

The exhibt will open July 15th. Will people discover Main Street? We'll see.

The downtown ambassadors have a new look, new equipment and a new presence. No longer will they be confused with inmate labor (the community service corp shirts really weren't cutting it). And they'll be on those cool segways, definitely a treat for the kids.

The Colcord Building is pretty much all emptied out now and work is going on to make it a hotel. It's really happening.

Next up, the Skirvin. And after that, the Bricktown Residence Inn. And after that, the Bricktown Hampton Inn. And more to follow.

- The Downtown Guy"