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07-13-2013, 01:28 AM
Came across a reference to Soul/R&B singer Amma Whatt appearing at the Myriad Gardens on Thursday (as part of the Art Moves series).

I'm not familiar with her, but she's quite talented, I find, after a little research.

She's from Brooklyn and is in town to make several appearances -- at Urban Roots, in addition to the Gardens appearance.

The Arts Council posted a very brief excerpt of her appearance here:

Video by artscouncilokc - Instagram (

(direct download this video here:

She has a very nice, sweet and feathery voice.

Pics of her Art Moves performance:


She posted a few remarks about the downtown event:

Oklahoma City!!! Such a lovely afternoon performance, outdoors, hot as hell, and we had fun together!
The Myriad botanical gardens are beautiful, And I am happy to play with local musicians and bridge
the musical connection from Brooklyn to OKC!

This was from this facebook events page:

07-13-2013, 01:36 AM
Another interesting note: came across a video for a HomeGoods commercial where Amma Whatt sings the song. The song, in this case, being a variation of 'Get Happy!'.

HomeGoods Commercial, featuring Amma Whatt. Get Happy! - YouTube (

Very short commercial. Love her rendition.