View Full Version : Photo thread - Cooper Ross @ goivm - OKC aerials during 2013 playoffs

07-10-2013, 09:46 PM
Cooper Ross took some really amazing aerials of the city during the 2013 playoffs. You may have seen these because Steve Lackmeyer posted them on his blog awhile back. But those were smaller size pics.

Cooper has posted larger versions of these in a photo gallery at the Insight Visual Media site, specifically here:

Insight Visual Media - 2013 Thunder Playoffs (

Let's have another look at these great shots:

That last one is my favorite. It's also posted on their facebook page here:

In case you were wondering what Cooper Ross, our intrepid OKC photographic hero looks like: (

There he is in the cockpit, about to take off with all the videographic equipment in place.

More goodness found at their facebook page:

07-11-2013, 12:27 AM
One thing you can tell for sure from those shots: we were certainly primping for the TV audience.

Have you ever seen so many lights on downtown? I think every light in existence is turned on. Love the ballpark in full illumination -- and no game... empty stadium.
I can imagine the conversation on that:

Supervisor: Oh, and make sure all the ballpark lights go on this evening.
Underling: But sir, there's no baseball game scheduled tonight.
Supervisor: Look dammit, the Thunder will be on national TV tonight. Hell, international channels wll be covering this thing. We want the city to look good. Turn all the lights on!
Underling: Yes sir.