View Full Version : Lil Mike & Funny Bone

07-02-2013, 11:37 PM
This duo appeared on America's Got Talent tonight and I was pretty impressed. Even if they don't make it very far in Vegas, I'm sure there will be plenty lined up for these guys. They don't claim to be Christian rappers but just Christians who rap and from what I've seen on YouTube so far, there are no explicit lyrics in their songs. If you're not into rap...especially crunk rap, then don't watch as it won't be worth your time.

Here's a cool video I found from Oklahoma Gallery on PBS:

Since you can only post one video I advise you to go to youtube to watch their performance on America's Got Talent. Nick Cannon is doin Tha Rain Dance.

They have a video where they're driving through downtown OKC but it's pre Devon so they def need to do another one soon!