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07-05-2005, 09:45 PM
hello, im asking anybody out there to check out this other forum that i signed up with a few weeks ago. its called im not trying to get anyone to leave this site or anything. i have this open and urban open at the same time. see the reason im asking is because in the southern u.s. forum they finally got the oklahoma subforum up and running. ive been waiting for that to happen since i joined. ive been talking to people from little rock alot until the OK sub was opened, but the thing is i dont think there is anybody from this state that is a member, havent seen a post at all from anyone here. i talk about okc all the time trying to spread the word that this is a great place, and it would be great to have some help to spread the gospel. :) anyway its a great place to see what the other cities are up to. hope to see anyone there!
by the way i use the same name as i do here.