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08-31-2004, 10:20 PM
This article (also mentioned by downtownguy in his blog) highlights the benefits of changing the Westin to the Sheraton. Seems like the main benefit mentioned revolves around the conversion of the Century Center to convention/meeting space. Supposedly, the article hints that Sheraton is a better brand for such a concept. Also, I guess Sheraton is a larger and better known brand.

"Westin plans name change

By Melissa Marchel
Business Writer

The Westin Downtown Hotel will change its name and brand affiliation in October, executives said Monday.
The hotel will be re-flagged under the Sheraton name, said Matthew Cowden, director of sales and marketing. Its owner, Meristar, decided the Sheraton brand would give the hotel a competitive edge, he said.

"The Sheraton brand is more recognized and more focused on groups and conventions," Cowden said.

He said the hotel is focusing on building its group business and also drawing more leisure travelers. He said the Westin brand catered more towards business or corporate travelers.

"Westin was a smaller brand," Cowden said. "A lot of people would come to town and not know what a Westin was. Sheraton has more brand recognition."

General Manager Dale Gannon said the Sheraton brand carries "a history of exemplary service and hospitality, and we feel privileged to have that here in downtown Oklahoma City."

The hotel is in the process of a $8.5 million renovation project that will update the hotel's 395 guest rooms, lobby, restaurant and roof. Cowden said the name change will not affect construction.

"Everything is up-to-date with Sheraton's specification, down to the 'S' on the pillows," Cowden said.

Ownership and management -- by Interstate Hotels and Resorts -- will not change.

Conversion date for the change from Westin to Sheraton is scheduled for October or November, Cowden said.

The Oklahoma City metro area has a Sheraton Four Points near Will Rogers World Airport. Another Sheraton is scheduled to be built in the Midwest City next summer.

The hotel has been flagged under the Westin brand since 1998. From 1992 to 1998, it was a Medallion hotel. "