View Full Version : Roller Derby: It's not what you think!

05-28-2013, 10:38 PM
Here's a great write up on our local Roller Derby teams. (

The article talks about the Victory Dolls and their recient Clover Cup win, it also gives quite a bit of information about OKCRD and the Outlaws (banked track). The end of the article also gives a shout out to my team, the Oklahoma City Wolf Pack!

Before I joined the Wolf Pack, I took my wife to an OKCRD bout where the Tornado Alley Roller Girls (TARG) faced off against my future team, the Wolf Pack (Lawton's 580 Rollergirls also played OKCRD's Lightning Broads). I had to get my mom to watch our son, and when we dropped him of, my uber-stubborn step-father asked where we were going... my mom told him about the roller derby bout... he scoffed at the idea. My mom informed him that I had told her that it "Wasn't like it used to be." Which he said "Bull %$#&!!! It'll never change!"

Folks, it HAS changed! This is not the 1970's! This is a sport that has been legitimized over the last decade. All that "showmanship" crap that made it nothing more than professional wrestling on roller skates was taken out many years ago. There is even a World Cup now. I'll be the first to admit that until the last decade it WAS nothing more than professional wrestling on roller sakes, but today, I am proud to be involved in this sport, and I encourage people to support their local teams!!!