View Full Version : Shameless Plug: Student review of Bubba's Bubba-Q

03-15-2013, 12:45 PM
We liked Bubba's (, for the most part. Still working on getting photos up on the site.


03-15-2013, 01:11 PM

So where is the recipe of the perfect Carolina (N?/S) BBQ sauce ala Bubba's (for pulled pork)?

(did ye'all take a moment to observe the most recent broadcast by PBS/NPR? like, in the name of journalism and music?=)

That bottom level is very important. To many a "crawler" who never even learned how to begin to walk, properly, on the journey to "the top" and toddled prematurely. =)

Kinda like the Non-Mandated Food Pyramid . . . (without restaurant reviews from the pampered =)

Isn't St. Patrick's day coming up on the calendar?
(Does Bubba's do a Corned Beef Sandwich Deal equal to or greater than Arby's???)

Sorry, Teacher . . . too much Saxondale on Netflixx . .. mea cupla/maximaetc.
(in the interests of continuting corruption of young mimes =)

(no offense intended, nor applied. thank you for all that you actually do to make a better--not bitter--future for all of us)

(no kidding, no sh-ite, yet you already knew that =)