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11-27-2012, 07:44 AM
I just wanted to suggest to anyone looking for a good cause to support to consider animal rescue.

This is a link to a recent story about a massive Samoyed rescue that took place in Delaware and Pennsylvania while Hurricane Sandy was bearing down. The photos are terrific and the story is well written. If you love animals, it is well worth the read. And if you've ever been curious about how a well run rescue operation works, including the legal aspects between the relevant nonprofits, this is an excellent primer. In this case, volunteers dropped everything to step in to assist these poor animals. I have good friends who were involved in this one and, happily, am able to keep up with many of the dogs that were rescued to see their progress.

Samoyed Rescue (

From the article:

As Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the U.S. east coast in late-October, 2012, a storm of another kind came ashore in the Samoyed community via news that law enforcement actions against two women (sisters Linda Wilson and Sandra Kelsch) had resulted in the seizure of forty four Samoyeds from their property (which straddles the Pennsylvania and Delaware state line). On October 25, 2012, Linda Wilson pled guilty to animal cruelty.

The article described the pitiful physical condition of many of the animals and, in some ways worse, their sad, frightened demeanor. If you've ever loved a Samoyed (or any dog) that will rip your heart to shreds.

We all wish no animal was every abused, neglected or abandoned - but knowing that some people are willing to do what it takes to place them in a safe, loving home goes a long way to restore your faith in humanity. There are angels among us willing to take in old, sick and injured dogs and any help they can get to defray medical expenses and the expenses that go along with rescues, is appreciated - and needed. I've had the privilege of working with quite a few rescuers and I won't say that I haven't seen some I don't trust - but I've seen many, many, many more sincere, sensible and sane volunteers who step up to the plate and facilitate miracles.

11-27-2012, 02:35 PM
Wow! They did a great job.