View Full Version : Oklahoma Per Capita Personal Income Update

05-28-2005, 12:44 AM
The state of Oklahoma remains ranked at 39th in the nation. The per capita personal income of Oklahoma grew from $26,676 in 2003 to $28,089 last year, holding steady at 85% of the national average. While remaining in 39th place, it is still an improvement over 1999 when Oklahoma ranked 44th and 80% of the national average. The per capita income that year was $22,800.

Oklahoma City showed real improvement from 2001-2003 (2003 is the latest available information for MSAs and CMSAs). Oklahoma City's per capita income in 2003 was $28,958. That is a 7.3% increase over 2001, when Oklahoma City's per capita income was $26,970.

Tulsa's per capita income was $30,908 in 2003. That, however, is a .8% increase over 2001, when Tulsa's per capita income was $30,650.

Here are the states that showed the greatest increase in per capita income:

1. North Dakota
2. Iowa
3. South Dakota
4. Washington
5. Vermont
6. New York
7. Massachusetts
8. Wyoming
9. Montana
10. Hawaii

18. Oklahoma

Here are the states with the smallest increase:

40. Kentucky
41. Illinois
42. North Carolina
43. Ohio
44. Texas
45. South Carolina
46. Missouri
47. Nebraska
48. Alaska
49. Georgia
50. Michigan

Surprisingly, most of the states in the top ten PCPI growth category were slow growing states in population. The bottom ten states in income growth were some of the fastest growing in population.