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Doug Loudenback
05-23-2005, 06:49 PM
Anyone other than The Downtown Guy (see go to Bricktown this past Saturday night?

Was it jumpin'! My son & his significant other invited me to join them & his son/my grandson, and we added my daughter & her husband.

The plan: eat at the BBQ place next to (East of) the Harkins; see the Star Wars flic on the Cine Capri; then eat ice cream at that neat ice cream shop next to the Harkins. The BBQ was so-so, the Cine Capri was great and packed (as for the movie, personally, I've tired of Star Wars a bit, but I love to go to that theater). The ice cream? Didn't get to have any this time (but have before & it's GREAT!) ... when we got out of the theater around 10 pm, there were more people walking around, riding the canal boats, AND eating in the ice cream parlour than I would ever have dreamed to see downtown Okc (or anywhere else in Okc, for that matter), spread out over the whole Bricktown campus. People were EVERYWHERE! It was a delight to see!

A mime was near the water area close to the Bricktown entrance after the movie ... sort of looked like Will Rogers done in pewter ... who was posing as a statue and of course was shocking/delighting the nice-sized crowd around him, especially the kids, when they least expected. Very well done, whoever he was/you are!

It was sort of an electric evening! Makes me want to go again and again!

Doug Loudenback

05-23-2005, 07:54 PM
That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, it really is inspiring to see people out and about enjoying Bricktown.

05-23-2005, 11:29 PM
Yes, this may be the most people I have ever seen downtown and in Bricktown, more than the Downtown in December or the Fourth of July. Not to mention there was events going on at the Museum of Art and Civic Center that same evening. Definetely a vision of what's a soon- to- be normal night downtown.