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02-20-2012, 12:01 PM

No specifics about this project are known to the public, but obviously it has me very excited. I just don't understand where the opposition comes from as far as development in this area goes. I haven't been out there myself, so maybe someone can enlighten me. It just seems like all the area around this park is developed already, so it can't be much more harm to the wildlife, and since when did we care about taking out habitat in Oklahoma anyway? There's a new subdivision under construction every day out here. It seems like if this was about a new Walmart or Target construction would already be underway without any comment.

I'm very curious to know who this developer is. Sounds like it's not the bell family. I know a couple of years ago when Bell's was trying to get a new location, Tulsa's mayor hinted that there was another developer with a better proposal in the works.

02-20-2012, 03:54 PM
No way in hell this gets built where it's proposed. It's the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area and is part of the Riverparks system. It is a great piece of wilderness in middle of the city and is heavily used. The Kaiser foundation just rebuilt at the trails on the mountain linking them to the larger Riverparks trail system. The Riverparks Authority already has come out against the plan as has the Kaiser Foundation.

It would be a great fit other places, like the east bank at 71st, the west bank at the Creek Turnpike in Jenks or the Riverwest Festival Park area on the west bank near downtown. But not on Turkey Mountain.

If you don't know Turkey Mountain is a large undeveloped hill on the west bank of the river between 71st and about 55th.

02-20-2012, 05:04 PM
I've just been doing so research into this project and turkey mountain in general. Sounds like Turkey mountain is actually a pretty neat place, it's just that some who I had been listening to before have a very outdated opinion of the place (similar to the way people feel about so many areas in Tulsa...). I hope they can relocate the project somewhere else. Turkey mountain doesn't sound like a good place for it any way you slice it.

It does sound like a pretty sweet development from what little details have reached the public. Apparently it will be a lot more upscale than any other amusement park we've ever had. It sucks that people are trying to compare it to Frontier City and Bell's which are two terrible examples of amusement parks. Anyone interested should look up Kemah Boardwalk down in Houston for a good example of what a classy modern amusement center can look like.