View Full Version : Retro Metro OKC: Learn about the history of the Paseo - at the Paseo Plunge?

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Our next Retro Metro OKC meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. THIS Monday (Nov. 7 ) in ... the old Paseo Plunge?!???
Yes, it's possible. The plunge, of course, disappeared long ago, but remnants of it remain within a building 3008 Paseo Drive recently renovated on the exterior by veteran Paseo developer John Belt. He's treating us to a glimpse inside, before the interior is renovated, along with a history on one of OKC's most unique neighborhoods. For a bit of a history on Paseo Plunge, the following link is to an excellent piece Doug Loudenback wrote on his blog:

Hope to see you there!
- Steve Lackmeyer

(Also feel free to join us as some of may get together for dinner at Picasso's across the street after the meeting)