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04-06-2005, 06:29 PM
State, metro's unemployment rates continue to dive

Posted: Friday, April 01, 2005
State, metro's unemployment rates continue to dive

by Shelly Hickman

The state's unemployment rate continued to dive in February and was well below the national average, as well as that of every neighboring state, according to figures released today by the state.

Oklahoma's non-seasonally adjusted rate for February was 4.8 percent; it was 5.2 percent in January. In contrast, the national average for February was 5.8 percent, which is higher than the country's 5.7-percent average in January.

In February, Arkansas' unemployment rate was 6.3 percent, Kansas' was 5.6 percent, Louisiana's was 5.9 percent, Missouri's was 6.4 percent, New Mexico's was 5.8 percent and Texas' was 6.1 percent.

The Oklahoma City metropolitan area saw a significant decrease in its unemployment rate in February, as well.

The rate for the city's combined statistical area (CSA) - which includes Shawnee - was 4.5 percent, and the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) - which doesn't include Shawnee - was 4.4 percent. In January, the areas posted unemployment rates of 5.2 percent and 5.1 percent respectively.

Of note for Central Oklahoma, the non seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in February for Canadian County was 3.7 percent; it was 3.9 percent in Cleveland County, 3.9 percent in Logan County, 4.8 percent in Oklahoma County, 5.6 percent in Pottawatomie County and 3.6 percent for Washington County.

04-06-2005, 07:08 PM
Yet the average income is far below the national average.

04-06-2005, 07:50 PM
... and so is the cost of living.

Nice try.