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09-13-2011, 08:23 AM
My wife and I are taking a weekend trip to Tulsa and staying at the Doubletree downtown. Just looking for any recommendations for things to do/see/eat while we're there. I've heard a bit of Cherry Street, but not much else.


09-13-2011, 11:28 AM
The DoubleTree is the convention center hotel and is kinda isolated off in the corner of downtown. The only good places in close walking Distance are the Cellar Dweller bar and Baxter's. The other downtown hotels are all better located for going out. You are kinda of in long walking distance of the BOK and Mayo Hotel. The Mayo has a cool rooftop bar. There's good Italian and Mexican places right by the the BOK Center. The restaurant in the Mayo, Trulia is kinda hit and miss. There's a great coffee shop in the Mayo.

Over on the other side of the CBD is the Blue Dome district which is a very cool collection of a 15-20 restaurants and bars. There's a bowling alley, a retro pub, a mexican place called El Guapo with a cool rooftop bar. The best pizza in town is there, called Joe Mama's. There are two very cool Irish pubs and a traditional German Bierhaus. Sorry, there's no Coyote Ugly or Hooters. In the CBD is a cool place called Elote which is a great organic mexican place that has Luchadore wrestling some nights. Elote and Joe Mama's were both profiled on the Travel Channel. Over in the Brady District there's The Cains, you might want to see who is playing there or at the Brady Theater. There are some really cool bars over there too with live music. Avoid eating at Spaghetti Warehouse there or the Mexican place called Mexicali. There's an awesome burger place in this area next to Oneok field called Fatguys. It's on Greenwood. The Race Riot park next to Oneok is really worth seeing. Immediately south of downtown not too far from your hotel is the 18th and Boston area, which is another small district of bars and restaurants.

Half a mile east of 18th and Boston is Cherry Street which you mentioned. Right by Cherry Street is Utica Square and just than a mile and a half south of there is the Brookside area which is Tulsa's largest nightlife area with dozens of shops, restaurants and bars between 33rd and 46th along Peoria Ave.

09-19-2011, 07:33 PM
I second the Mayo rooftop bar. Great place to have a drink and take in the view of the city. That and the wine bar at 18th & Boston are two of my favorite night spots in Tulsa.