View Full Version : Acts of Kindness?

03-25-2005, 05:42 PM
Can anyone think of an act of kindness that has never left them? Something someone did that helped you or changed your life? Something that may have renewed your faith in humanity?

We all listed things we hate, pet peeves, what about things that make our lives easier or more bearable when the going gets tough?

And did anyone see the movie Pay it Forward? Did you like it?

I'll start, when I was in Junior High my family was pretty poor and a counselor from Campus Life paid for me to go a to camp in Santa Barbara - I have always tried to find her to pay her back and never have, but I think about it to this day, how giving and sweet that was.

03-25-2005, 05:52 PM
When I was eight years old, we had an older couple living next door to us. Jimmy was an Air Force officer and his wife, Bee was a housewife.

Jimmy had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. For my birthday that year, my dad bought me a black dog. Jimmy started making Blackie a dog house with scrap lumber for my birthday. He even worked on it the day he died. In his will, he insisted the dog house be finished for my dog.

To this day, they will have a very large space in my heart, as through the years after Jimmy died, Bee always considered me the grandson she never had.

The remarkable thing about them is they never cared for children... Until they met me.

Words will never express how greatful I am to have had the honor of having these wonderful people as a part of my life. In fact, they always will be a part of me.

To this day, not one person has done anything as kind hearted as Jimmy building that dog house.

I feel with confidence they are watching with pride from heaven.

03-26-2005, 12:46 PM
In second grade, I was in the gifted education program. When they first started gifted out here, they tended to give you more work, and not necessarily school work to help you build your skills.

Anyhow, I befriended the other second grade teacher and would walk around with her on lunch hour. One day as we walked around the school yard I found a penny. She asked me if I knew what that meant, and of course I knew the saying "Find a penny, pick it up......", but she said that wasn't it. She told me I could make a wish on it. I made a wish, and she asked me what it was, but I knew that if you tell your wishes to someone they won't come true.

She said that I could tell my wish to one person and it still would come true. I told her that I had wished when I came back from spending all day at gifted that I wouldn't have to do all that classwork that stacks up on your desk while you are gone.

The next week when I came back to class after gifted, I was really disappointed to see that classwork on my desk. When I sat down my teacher came over and took the papers, and told me I didnt have to do them. I was so excited that my wish came true and told my parents. Of course, at parent teacher conferences they told my mom what had happened.

I continue to do the same thing for other people when they make wishes, and sometimes I help make them come true too.