View Full Version : Bricktown parking enforcement problems

06-04-2011, 01:43 AM
Just wondering if anyone else on here has had a problem with the parking enforcement in bricktown or around. Twice now, I have been making deliveries to my business in the alley way, using our garage door and "was ticketed" for being illegally parked in a commercial zone. And twice now I have not received the ticket on my windshield. I just get a letter three weeks later stating that I am delinquent and the fine has gone up. I know the ticket was never placed on the vehicle because in both instances I was walking back and forth to and from the car carrying in supplies. This exact thing has happened to two of my employees as well. Other bricktown employees have told me this happens to them too. I have submitted complaints to okcpd with no response whatsoever. I currently have a court date to dispute the most recent citation. Anyone else??