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05-24-2011, 09:26 AM
A recent post by Steve L. got me to thinking "what are the best places in the OKC area to split a meal?"

So many restaurants serve such big portions of high calorie foods its no wonder obesity is such a big problem.

Splitting meals is a great way to enjoy eating at places you otherwise might not spend the money to visit, saves you some cash and saves lots of calories.

I credit the 52 pounds I lost partly to sharing meals (the rest went to dropping full calorie sodas and being more physically active).

I'm not big into 'diets' and have found being too restrictive on what I eat only leads to failed attempts to keep the weight off. I eat what I want, but keep the portions small and the total daily calories under 1,500.

The easiest thing about sharing a meal is reminding yourself, "if I'm still hungry I can always order more." Of course I never do, but it tricks me.

05-24-2011, 09:26 AM
Here's my top list that come to mind:
1. 1492 (Midtown) - the wife and I almost always share the Taquitos de Camaron ($17.95 or only $9 each). We also tell them to take the chip bowl away once its empty. No sharing charge and they even plate it.

2. Genghis Grill (Moore) - Way too much food for one person. Just tell them you only need one bowl when they seat you. No charge for sharing (they will even bring you an extra plate if you want) and at only $10, that's just $5 each for a filling dinner. Also, you can check out their website to build a virtual bowl and see the estimated calories. The bowl we get would be 1,100 calories! Luckily its only 550 when we share! Also, if you want, you can always ask for additional noodles/rice at no additional charge. Also, go on Mondays and they stamp your frequent diner card double!

3. Red Prime (Downtown OKC) - Love to share the Prix-Fix. A great date night dress up meal for only $39 ($20/ea) for an appetizer, entree, side and dessert! Again, no charge for splitting.

4. Big Truck Tacos (OKC) - The breakfast Migas are huge and perfect for sharing! At $6.25 ($3.13/ea) its a great way to start a Saturday off right.

5. Pho-My (MWC) - The wife and I share a combination vermicelli bowl about once a week for only $6 ($3/ea). No charge for splitting and they bring you an extra bowl.

6. Lee's Sandwiches (OKC) - Wife and I do lunch there a couple of time a month. We split a Turkey, Roast Beef and Cheese on a croissant (300 calories each) and only about $5 total. If we are really hungry we also split an order of shrimp spring rolls (non-fried).

7. Subway - Another great lunch deal is the $5 footlong split. Low on calories and cost.

8. Cow Calf Hay (Edmond) - If we crave a burger and fries, then we love to split the burger at Cow Calf Hay. Its plenty big enough for two people with fries.

At nicer restaurants I find they don't tend to charge you for 'splitting' a meal, but may charge for 'plating' a shared meal. Ask if they charge to 'plate' and if they do, simply tell them you'll gladly share off the same plate (though often they will bring you an extra plate for free). The 'plating' charge is usually only if they actually separate the meal onto two plates before serving it.

Any time I encounter a restaurant that insists on charging for sharing a meal I always insist on speaking to the manager. Only once after a brief conversation did they not agree the charge is silly and agree to waive it. However I totally get why some Mexican restaurants charge if they provide free chips and tortillas.

05-24-2011, 09:55 AM
On the subject of splitting meals, I've done this for quite some time as a means of controlling my caloric intake.

I'm usually pretty disciplined in what I eat but about once a week I'll go out and order what I want -- and immediately cut everything in half. I either share it with someone else or just leave it behind. It can seem wasteful but a half portion of almost anything served in this country is usually more than enough. And I don't want to take it home and merely spread out a high calorie meal over two days.

As the saying goes: everything is fine in moderation. It's portion size that will get you.

05-24-2011, 01:00 PM
We like to share sometimes at Moma Roja's. They give you so much food it's ridiculous. Our biggest problem is I always want one thing and DH always wants something else. If that happens we just order what each wants then take all the leftovers home for lunch the next day.

05-24-2011, 02:37 PM
Greek House in Norman. Order the gyro plate and it is enough for 3 meals. only costs about 6 bucks too.

Sara Belle
05-27-2011, 10:12 PM
Hubby and I love to share. Being able to try different meals and then take the leftovers home is a great budget stretcher.

We have never been able to be charged for only one bowl at Genghis Grill. They always charge us for two bowls and we never get any of the rice etc...