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03-18-2005, 12:35 AM
Not the greatest addition, but at least Six Flags is investing something in our water park. I only wish they'd maintain what they already have.
"Want a wedgie? Six Flags prepares thrill ride for White Water Bay
by Brandice J. O'Brien
The Journal Record

Just when you thought it wasn't cool to get a wedgie, the times, they are changing. While it's doubtful that folk musician Bob Dylan had that in mind when writing the lyric in the early 1960s, the words seem to fit appropriately.
The struggling Six Flags Inc. will debut Mega Wedgie, a new ride at White Water Bay, the water park in Oklahoma City on May 21. Mega Wedgie is an extreme-speed slide that measures 278 feet, with a nearly 65-foot vertical drop. The closest known ride similar to the Mega Wedgie is at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas. Called Der Stuka, the slide has a vertical drop of 72 feet, said Rainey Carter, marketing manager for Frontier City and White Water Bay in northeast Oklahoma City.

White Water Bay is one of 19 Six Flags amusement/water parks to get a new ride or attraction this season, Carter said. The company operates 30 parks and plans $130 million in capital spending in an effort to improve attendance this year.

Though Six Flags officials wouldn't comment on the attendance or cost to add the new rides, they were confident that the new attractions will increase business.

"We do think that the new capital at the park will increase attendance from new and loyal guests," Carter said.

Six Flags' theme parks need all the help they can get.

It was recently reported that the company had a net loss of $464.8 million in 2004. Of that, $177.2 million was from continuing operations and $287.6 million was from terminated setups.

Mega Wedgie is next to the Acapulco Cliff Dive on the north side of the park. It is one of a few new attractions to grace the Oklahoma City theme parks.

Last year, new elements - rooms and props - were added to Frontier City's Fright Fest, an indoor/outdoor haunted house. In 2003, Frontier City gained ErUPtion, a reverse bungee attraction, Carter said."

03-18-2005, 01:06 AM
I think they need to relocate White Water and expand it. They need to expand Frontier City. They could start by moving the parking lot to the other side of Hefner Rd. They could either build a tunnel under Hefner Rd or install a pedestrian bridge.

They could use the old parking lot to add more rides. I think two things are killing White Water and Frontier City. The tickets are overpriced and there open season is just too short.

Its pretty sad when the city pools are taking away White Water's business.

The cities are making a killing on their new pool/water parks. Mustang and Edmond each opened one last year, Midwest City has had one for years, Oklahoma City has two, and Del City is in the process of rebuilding their water park/pool. I'm sure the other cities are pondering opening one in their city.

You can go to the city water parks every week during the summer at the price of two visits to White Water.

03-18-2005, 01:30 AM
Land to the west of White Water Bay was for sale for years. It finally sold recently to a strip mall developer. I think Six Flags missed out on an opportunity there to expand White Water.

Also, Six Flags owns the land directly west of the current park. They could ideally double the park size with the land they own to the west. It simply needs to be cleared.