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I wrote this in another thread about an upcoming film about the Oklahoma City bombing. ( It won't be read by a lot of people, so I wanted to post here and see what everyone thinks about the news blackout on this story.

I was shocked at how the news from last month that the FBI received prior warning about the Murrah bombing got so little attention. It was right there in the document dump in the Trentadue case. Jerry Bohnen at KTOK had the guts to report on it and Mike McCarville agreed to publish Jerry's story on his blog. If you follow this, it's a must read - actually huge, buried news:

Why the silence in the media?

Justice delayed is justice denied and if there are people out there walking around, free as a bird, who played a part in this horrible tragedy in our city, shame on us for allowing the powers that be to keep that quiet. Covering up prior warning, maybe a sting operation gone bad, whatever - we shouldn't stand for the truth to be hidden. Too many things we do know simply don't add up; that leads us to ask what it is we don't know. The Trentadue case could finally blow this whole thing wide open.

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Thanks, Pete. Fixed.

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That is interesting there was apparently a warning call the day before. It's pretty clear McVeigh ran around with a bunch of people from gun shows and perhaps one of them merely suspected something was up without knowing exact particulars. He had popped off about wanting to blow up a federal building and how we was fueled by his hatred of what happened near Waco -- wouldn't be hard to put that together. That certainly doesn't mean there was another accomplice or that the warning was specific.

" Trentadue believes the government was desperate to reach the box before Nichols could make its location known to Homeland Security rather than the FBI. The attorney says it would have shown others were involved as government informants in the bombing conspiracy. "

This doesn't make sense to me. Nichols blabbed to a fellow prisoner about the location of the box of explosives which is how they found it 10 years later.

Why not just tip off Homeland Security? Lots of ways he could have done that if that was his intention.

And as far as redacted names in various reports/documents, perhaps that was due to the fact they could never get enough evidence against those individuals and did not want to implicate them further once documents were released.

I'm not a big conspiracy theory guy. You could argue the FBI was just trying to wrap this up neatly but I know lots of FBI agents and those guys are pretty hard core and extremely driven. I'm sure they did their best to make a case against those where there was decent evidence. There were probably others on the periphery -- Nichols & McVeigh weren't exactly bright or tight-lipped -- but in the end it was probably more a case of people knowing they were wingnuts but not really knowing what they were up to.

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Why not just tip off Homeland Security?
Homeland Security didn't exist in 1995. As many stories about the OKC Bombing and 9/11 most of the agencies didn't share info, even if someone had alerted a particular authority it doesn't mean that the glacial pace at which most gov't agencies work at would have been able to prevent it.

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Homeland Security was formed in 2003 and the FBI didn't find the box under Nichols' home until 2005.

Anyway, the point the author was trying to make is that Nichols wanted Homeland Security to find it before the FBI. So clearly we are only talking about the time after HS was formed.