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02-10-2011, 06:56 PM
Does anyone have blockbuster on-line? If so, how is it?

We have been using NetFlix for about 9 months and we are pretty happy (although I don't like the change they made to streaming-only players). I noticed Blockbuster has an Andriod app that will let you stream movies via a network connection and the EVO has an HDMI connection which I would like to use to stream movies to the TVs in the kids rooms. NetFlix doesn't know when/if they will have an Android app available.

02-10-2011, 10:38 PM
NetFlix doesn't know when/if they will have an Android app available.

Somebody misinformed you. The Netflix Android app is in beta testing now on select Android devices. The problem with any streaming of movies on Android has been a security issue. However, Netflix has a workaround that appears will pass muster with Hollywood. The MPAA and the studios have not allowed the Android licensing solely on this security issue. However, the workaround is the same that PlayOn is doing with the Android. Hulu is testing the same kind of development. The Netflix beta tests have proven to be very successful in alleviating concerns, so, expect a universal rollout soon of the Netflix Android app. It will be worth the wait if it looks anything close to the streaming on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch...the iOS app streams beautifully.

I am pulling hard for the new Android 3.0. I expect it to be a huge hit. I'm a Windows guy and have never really done a lot with Apple products - until the iPod Touch. Once I had mastered the beauty of the Touch, I went for the iPad and I can say I truly understand how it has revolutionized the use of information and media for the masses. Forget netbooks and most laptops. I would have never thought I could LOVE an Apple product, but the Touch and iPad are things of beauty. If the Android 3.0 tablets can come anywhere close to the simplicity if iOS and still maintain 10 hours of battery life - it will be a real race. Competition is good.

edit...By the way, I forgot to mention.....the Blockbuster app has been no problem for Hollywood because they offer per-film rentals through their app. No unlimited streaming for one-price. That's the difference. And one other thing, whatever you do, don't get an Android tablet until they have Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) on them. We'll see them within the next 60 days.

02-11-2011, 10:43 AM
Mike - thanks for the heads up. I have been mulling over getting an iPad. I hate to say it but I have very little hands on experience myself. I like the iPod touch, but dont own one. Sad thing is I have Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry apps in development
for my website right now. I have seen more on the android tablets and go back and forth between that and an iPad.


02-11-2011, 12:13 PM
Thanks a lot MikeOKC. I have an HTC EVO 4G so I hope it is one of the 'select' andriod phones that will get the app. Blockbuster came pre-installed on my phone which is why I was asking about it. The wife is dying for a tablet so I hope the 3.0 comes out soon.