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01-27-2011, 02:55 PM
When posting agenda and meeting files from the website, right click the link (the image that you click on that takes you to the file) and select "Copy Address" or "Copy Link Location" instead of clicking on the link and then copying and pasting from the browser address bar.

The site runs off of cookies, when you open a file, it saves a local copy on your computer under a random file name, and then uses cookies (only unique to your own personal browser) to recall them. So, you wonder why no one else can see the file -- it's because you are linking to the one that is saved on your local computer, not the one on the web that everyone can find. Therefore, each address generated is unique. We may be looking at the same file, but since the filename saved to the cache is random, each time you click the link the file name will be random. So someone clicking your posted link will not work. By following my instructions above, the link will be a valid one that takes the user to the copy that is on the web.

Valid link:

Invalid link to the same file (works on my computer but will not work on your computer):

Hope this helps...

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You should link to this in your sig. Very useful. How many times a day does it seem like someone posts a bad link from

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SkyWest is dropping some knowledge on this forum...nice.

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Implying it's normal for me to not post knowledge?