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10-13-2010, 12:12 PM
Controversial billboard erected in Arcadia (,0,7253052.story)

ARCADIA,OK-- An Oklahoma landmark is getting a new neighbor and the people who live nearby are less then thrilled. We're talking about a piece of property that is right next to the Round Barn in Arcadia.

The property is listed by the county assessor as 12 feet by 70 feet.

Although It's a small section of land, it is now causing a huge controversy.

Standing next to it you hear members of the Arcadia Historical Society say, "This is going to end up in a big lawsuit here." followed by, "Makes me want to cry." and "It's a terrible looking thing."

They see this surprise as a big black mark on the view they love.

Sam Gillespy is the President of the Arcadia Historical Society. He is better known as Mr. Sam and said "Guess whose property they had to come across to drill that hole? It was ours. I can not believe that anybody would be so low as to do that. People come from all over the world to see this barn."

People like Ed and Laura Bricker from Florida made a stop at the Round Barn during their travels down historic Route 66.

"We're trying to hit some parts of the United States we didn't get to see in our younger days you know," said Laura.

They didn't take too well to the new landmark either.

"Well it's like everything else. It's going to ruin a little bit of the mother road that people talk about," said Ed.

It turns out the advertisement that is supposed to appear on the billboard will be for the Mazaheri Law Firm.

Katherine Mazaheri told us she has signs going up all over the place and had no idea this sign was causing such a stir.

Mr. Sam thinks stir is a bit of an understatement. "Upsetting. I reckon it is! Oh my goodness yes!"

"We'd like the opportunity to negotiate that little strip of ground and get the billboard removed because it breaks our hearts to see the approach to this historic sight marred by a giant billboard," said Linda Simonton, Historical Society.

The construction has stopped for now while the battle continues.

According to the county assessor's website, that small slice of property is owned by Zoom Media LLC.

The Secretary of State's website lists Fariborz Mazaheri as the registered agent for Zoom Media.

He is the father of the attorney whose ad was supposed to be on the sign.

Katherine Mazaheri told us she would have her father call us about the issue. We're still waiting on that call.

Matt's note: Yes, I admit that I am totally trolling "Midtowner" with that title.

10-13-2010, 12:23 PM
Wouldn't have to be a lawsuit if she and her father decide to do what's right here.

10-19-2010, 09:05 PM
KFOR is reporting that Zoom Media bought the patch of property the billboard sits on for $2500 in September, and now they're offering to sell it back for $47,000.