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09-10-2010, 01:50 PM
I really very honestly am not intending to carry on the previous thread and get into a flame war over my view on homosexuality.

I am already fully aware that there are a number of you here who believe me to be insane – bla, bla, bla – get help, yeah, yeah, yeah. I am fully cognizant of my diagnosis and its implications. I, however, disagree with my diagnosis.

I am tired of posting on obscure websites where I believe that perhaps my thoughts are being circulated, but under tighter control.

What compelled me to create another post – was in regard to what I believe was being circulated a bit ago how poor little Oklahoma was being beaten up on by celebrity assisted opinion/influence.

Well, boo f*cking hoo Oklahoma……..

If that is perhaps the case it would be after having been back in Oklahoma for the last 9 years and an exhaustive campaign on my part to appeal for the support of whoever may be showing that support that makes you feel like you’re being mistreated…….

If what I have to say is reality – we are talking about what would amount to a human rights abuse that would rock the world that has been allowed to take place in the State of Oklahoma. Allowed to take place likely purely for the benefit of the political favor involved either by specific favors granted or the nature of Oklahoma’s economy being dependent on the oil and gas industry in general……

Any way you cut it – poor little Oklahoma is responsible for mind-boggling 14th Amendment violations…..not to mention having carried out the violations from what I can tell. I personally couldn’t even begin to list what violations might be involved. If it were all brought to light I would imagine there would be criminal negligence involved on behalf of the Governor and any number of officials who might have some responsibility to prevent such a known situation from festering.

A public exposure of what has transpired here would devastate what I might consider a rather fragile public opinion of Oklahoma.

The bigger concern the State of Oklahoma should have is if this is forced to be reviewed by some international organization that deals in intervention of human rights abuses and you make headlines around the world over it.

Oil and gas ‘rich’ state exploits a citizen for the ‘entertainment’ of a President with blatant ties to the oil and gas industry. Citizen brainwashed to be made to believe he is insane for over a decade while his privacy is exploited for entertainment.

Those aren’t headlines you want to read……….

Whatever though….. keep on playing the charade. Maybe Oklahoma will get away with it. Maybe you won’t. It sounds like you’re catching some MUCH DESERVED HEAT OVER IT.

09-10-2010, 04:35 PM
There is no mistake in your diagnosis. You are severly and chronically mentally ill, nuts, crazy, out of your mind and a menace to civilized society. Get back on your meds.

09-10-2010, 06:06 PM
The BIRD is the WORD!

09-10-2010, 06:14 PM
The BIRD is the WORD!

Ya-ba-ba-ba-babba-babba-babba um mau mau, baba um mau mau babba um maumau...(paraphrased)

09-10-2010, 06:16 PM
For the younger set...some background info...

09-10-2010, 08:47 PM
Fastfwd, there was no reason for your other thread to be closed! This one should have been named "Discuss 2" to continue on. Do not worry what others think or say of you. Most of us here are reading your posts, although it is confusing, but still interesting to read. I hope this time your Freedom of Speech will not be shut down. Continue posting!

09-15-2010, 07:46 AM
The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright…….Deep In The Heart Of Texas! ( (

“built on land acquired under eminent domain law and built under funding financed through taxpayers' funds backed by a bond issued for its debt. The new home of the Texas Rangers is still being contested in court by the original landowner who has not received payment for the land. The sports dome has not yet been paid off with the tax increase enacted to pay off the bond. The selling of the baseball team included the new stadium, which accounts for the huge profits the investors received. The benefits to the taxpayers or the landowner from their contributions are unknown.” ( ( ( (

09-15-2010, 08:38 AM
I hate to have to sully such an awesome post with details, but……

I think there were some ruffled feathers possibly that I left before the show was over….because maybe it looked like I just showed up to make an appearance or something perhaps?

Not the case at all….. Kelly should know better more than anyone if there is any reality to any of this…. How many shows have I driven half way across the country to see her? Why would I ride my scooter like six hours in the baking sun to leave for no good reason????

Show started at 7:30 and there were ominous clouds in the distance…..and despite what my Iphone was reporting to me through Intellicast – I could clearly see that it was coming our way…….

I had an Iphone… Nokia N73…..trusty ole Cannon G6….and my lil Mio GPS with me on my scooter with no rain protection and a front Dunlop with 19,000 miles…….

So, I had to jet at 8:15……look at the report. There was a severe threat issued for Dalllas. I went nearly to Ft. Worth and north before it looked like I could go back toward Dallas and dodge the clouds…..

I was dying to see what all she put on her set list… me – nobody there wanted to see the whole show more than I did.

09-15-2010, 09:07 AM
I hope this time your Freedom of Speech will not be shut down.

There is no such freedom in the context you are implying.

09-15-2010, 10:06 AM
There is no such freedom in the context you are implying.
I believe the context he is implying is in the sense of being a United States citizen with a First Amendment right to ‘freedom of speech’…….free from censorship.

I don’t believe anyone is under any misconception that this website is owned by the government and is forced to abide by the letter of the law concerning the First Amendment. It’s clearly privately owned and users are subjected to whatever whim of censorship the owner sees fit.

I actually at first took it as a sarcastic posting attempting to lure me into more questionably slanderous commentary.

I’m not overly concerned about making comments about Boren though…….apparently it’s well documented:


Again, not trying to stir the pot on the homosexuality subject. I’m just giving my 2 cents on what I believe the poster intended.

09-15-2010, 07:17 PM (

09-17-2010, 11:09 AM
It seems to be AMAZINGLY quiet this week. It’s not entirely unusual to go through these little periods of what I refer to as ‘radio silence’…..... earlier in the week it seemed as though there was a mass realization of the very demented nature of what I believe my ordeal to be……then – total silence.

Possibly associated with statements that I have made that were elicited by what I perceive as a hostile attitude toward me…….. not sure really. Anything I said was to myself in the confines of where I should enjoy a reasonable expectation of privacy……

At any rate….. It seems to me to have a tone of putting a hush on a building awareness that what has been done is so shameful that there really is little to be done to make amends…..

So, is the consensus to just let the situation fester? LOL – nice!

While I was leaving Central Market in Plano over the weekend it seemed to me as though the locals were aware of my presence there and there was a mention of Alan Dershowitz making statement to the effect of a figure that he believed was ballpark for commensurate restitution over this ordeal…..

Since I believed that I heard that go around….. it seemingly went from advocacy for commensurate restitution to an offer of some type of placement at Harvard Law which I believe Dershowitz referred to at one point being a means to really make W regret his actions.

I believe there are many dozens of these types of what I call ‘so and so will hire him’ offers that get floated around. Unfortunately despite a number of them coming from companies or people that I may very well admire and respect – for one…..they never materialize in the form of my phone ringing and it merely frustrates me to believe that it’s just being circulated around and I’m not being contacted with it…… for another thing – I hate to make such an accusation, but it really seems like at least some of the offers are purely seeking to exploit whatever political favor there may be available for the benefit of the person or company making the offer without as much as even a claim of partnership in such a venture that would reward me a commensurate percentage of whatever might be gained…… it’s just a ‘job offer’…….LOL – that’s not going to happen.

I really don’t know….. I suppose that Harvard as an institution could very well manipulate the situation to make me believe that they are helping me to spread awareness of the situation and at the same time exploit it for their benefit somehow, but they sure seem to be the least likely to be able to pull that off if that were the motive…….

I’m thinking that if it takes me reaching out to an organization to see if an offer is reality – that Harvard would be in the least a good place to start off with that. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve made attempt to reach out to Harvard faculty for assistance…..and that may play a role in why they may be more willing to step up. I dunno…… ( jpg) ( ( ( jpg)

Or maybe I’m insane…… we’ll see if anything comes of it.

09-18-2010, 11:21 AM ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

09-18-2010, 12:42 PM
“This is Pennsylvania, this is where the Constitution was written – this is where the country started” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

09-19-2010, 02:26 AM
A couple of footnotes to the ‘vacation snapshots’……..LOL…….#1 – I don’t really particularly like how I looked in that Pat’s photo, but I posted it for one to show how I used to be of a normal weight and thought I might brag a bit about my effort to build rapport with the Philly locals by wearing one of my Little Devil t-shirts……

The other note is that despite there being many of ‘the girls’…. There’s been something special in my feelings for Ms. Fiona Apple…….and upon hearing of her being with:

I was inspired by what I believed I was experiencing and how I might be able to capture a very unique perspective of the events I was going through….. if not as stylized as an experienced photographer – in the least as seen through my lens…and in some cases with a bit of effort to make it interesting…..

Is it completely incidental that I am now interested in writing a book about my life……and Fiona is dating:

Maybe not entirely if I am being honest…….

I actually view Jonathan as an asset in the pursuit of possibly writing a book though…..

Fiona seemingly has an affinity for the artistically talented…..and despite my epic music video spinning – I don’t think I’m making the cut.

Who knows………..maybe I’ll pen a bestseller that will put me in the running……LOL

09-19-2010, 08:23 AM
I’m not really good with titling my work…..this one might be something like – ‘Boy, don’t I look like a douche for telling you ‘George Bush is the reason your opinion is so important’ while I play dominos with these veterans on Veteran’s Day showing off how much I appreciate their sacrifices for serving to protect our rights and freedoms.’

That’s kinda wordy…….. ( ( ( ( ( (

I’m rather fond of the politicians showing their respect and regard for the sacrifices of the military men and women who have sacrificed to ensure that we as citizens are able to enjoy ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ as prescribed by the protections afforded to us under the United States Constitution.

Here is Mary Fallin showing her ambition to become the next douche to preside over duties of blowing smoke up military men and women’s asses regarding her high esteem for their sacrifices….. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

09-21-2010, 08:07 PM
I call this one, ‘Fallin In The Headlights’ (

A follow up shot reveals that I am hardly the only person in the room taking photos, but for some inexplicable reason I was apparently deemed to be causing a disturbance by taking photos… seen in the scorn of the old hag in the chair seated beside her… (

Of course…..if perhaps I’m not merely insane and I am the citizen of Oklahoma who has been subjected to being forced to endure illegal surveillance at the hands of the sitting President of the United States and it is known to be a real situation amongst the politicians of Oklahoma…..

Could that explain Fallin’s seemingly terrified expression?

Otherwise she would have that look on her face because of a guy in the audience with a Cannon G6 (hardly the most intimidating looking of cameras)…… taking photos of the rally.

I’m not intending to pick on Fallin, but I do question if she may have made some bold statements this week/last week regarding what I believe my situation to be……

She is my current US Representative who – if my situation is reality may be regarded to be neglectful in duty if she has known all this time and is currently aware of a situation that is violating my Constitutional rights……

Let’s run a check on the oath of a US Representative…….

"I, (name of Member), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

Ok, so, for the sake of argument……. If a US Representative of the Fifth Congressional District of the State of Oklahoma admits to have knowledge of my situation as one of her constituents and neglects to act in whatever capacity he/she may have to do so……then are they upholding their oath to office?

What exactly constitutes ‘support and defending’ of the Constitution? Does it include an obligation to request for an inquiry of the violation of a constituent’s Constitutional rights…… I dunno, but Sons of Anarchy is coming on – so, I’ll have to Google that tomorrow…..

She would be far from the first to neglect it if so, but that’s not really a reprieve from critique for such a neglect…….

I found this tonight….. I thought for sure that I had thrown it away while heavily medicated. Pretty awesome souvenir from my trip to DC. I doubt these were available to anyone who wasn’t in attendance. ( (

09-22-2010, 11:34 PM
I call this one, “United States Constitution?, ****, I’d shiv my ****ing grandmother for a no bid contract in my district – who gives a flying **** about the United States Constitution?” (

Wow, Rep. Cole… does that jive with the community values of a Congressional District that happens to also benefit from the presence of the United States Military that’s core mission is to protect and defend the United States Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic? ( (

“Trust me Sir, I would never piss on your leg and tell you it was raining…..”

“And that goes for the rest of you……it’s the Chinese…..I mean, it’s all the formulas that California makes the oil industry produce that are causing the massive increases in gas prices at the pump” ( ( ( (


09-23-2010, 08:07 PM
I’m debating on the title to this work…..I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Earmarks are so 2005 – the new trend is to cash in on letting the President have a free for all on the civil rights of one of your constituents for his demented entertainment and sticking your thumb up your ass while you sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee and let it happen uncontested.”

Again…..that’s a little wordy. I think Fiona having held the record for the longest album title has been a great influence in the naming of my own work…… ( ( ( (

09-27-2010, 10:36 PM
Ummmmm, election season is upon us! Is Oklahoma ready for a little: ( ( ( ( (

(In my possibly paranoid/schizophrenic/grandiose/narcissistic mind…..Mr. Mathews may have not appreciated my presence at the ’06 Southern Republican Leadership Conference at the time, but has grown to be a supporter for resolution to my ordeal = not real awesome news for Okie politicians in particular who are neglecting their duties for the profit of political favor for the State of Oklahoma)

I call this one, “What ever happened to cleaning up W’s messes?” (

09-28-2010, 06:12 AM
I would like to extend my gratitude to TO Fuller State Park for the lovely accommodations that I enjoyed during my stay in Memphis for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference: (

It did lend a certain feel of a Psy Ops operation to the trip – which I rather enjoy the connotation of my efforts being akin to…..

The Flying Saucer for a much needed Double Chocolate Stout or two…..some really amazing accents coming from some of your finest young ladies……and free wifi to keep me in touch with what was going on and likewise……. (

And Johnny Cash for watching over me from above…….. ( ( ( (

(I actually preferred the Interstate BBQ, but they were both pretty good)

09-29-2010, 11:15 AM
LOL, a trip to the heartland to fire up the “base”? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

10-01-2010, 02:42 PM
Yes, the gay kid killing himself was/is tragic – no one should be forced to endure the invasion of your privacy for the entertainment of others at the price of your dignity……… The people responsible should be held to the maximum penalty under the law no doubt about it and the school may well be liable for not taking action…..or maybe they did all they could. I really don’ t know the details……

(yeah, I’ve done the 48-50mhz old school wireless phone scanning and even owned a (actually two) Pro-43s unlocked for 800mhz back in the day, but I don’t consider anything I EVER did in monitoring those frequencies to be remotely comparable to broadcasting to an audience an unsuspecting individual’s intimate personal life……except maybe that Bryan County Oklahoma Sherriff who thought it was a good idea to setup a tryst with his dispatcher on his 800mhz analog phone and mouth off about how he had fooled his wife into thinking he was doing something else…..and then proceeded to carry on the tryst details in code over the air right in the face of an unsuspecting voting public when he lost signal on his cell……. I mean, maybe, never except this one time…….)

I believe it does make a point of how utterly ridiculous the situation is that I believe I have endured and how only by some unfathomable inner strength that I have not met the fate of the delicate little flower that the kid must have been who did himself in over his ordeal. I’m sure it seemed to him to be as if the world had peered into his most intimate personal life…..if he only knew just how much more ****ed up the world could be on that count – maybe he wouldn’t have believed his deal was oh so bad……

Despite the focus that it has brought upon the issue…..and how I know that is to my benefit…..

I can’t help but to be outraged at how it is getting the media attention that it is……..

If I am not insane and I do actually somehow have a pretty fair grasp on what is going on with my life……
it is a MILLION times the ordeal that this kid went through that took his life…..and yet……

How many news stories are airing exposing it and those responsible for it? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

10-13-2010, 10:47 AM

10-18-2010, 09:45 AM

I intend to be there…..I don’t believe they are allowing for questions from the audience nor would I likely ask if allowed due to me being forced to question my sanity and the difficulty that produces for me to have the confidence to publicly express my concerns in person in front of a public forum…….

I would like for my presence there to represent the question to the candidates how they feel about Human Rights violations taking place in the state of Oklahoma? How do they feel about the potential for the State of Oklahoma to be thrust into an international inquiry of its criminal negligence in the enforcement of laws on the books which provide protections to its citizens that constitute 14th Amendment violations?

(note the ‘Hollywood’ interest in ‘Human Rights’……)

My presence might also put into question how US Representative of the Fifth Congressional District, Mary Fallin, the representative for the district in which I reside – feels that she has lived up to the oath of her office in upholding the United States Constitution on behalf of her constituency?

Not that I personally feel any preference for Lt. Governor Askins……a multimillionaire from Duncan, OK – home of Halliburton? LOL…………

Is perhaps the rest of the country becoming more and more aware of what’s going on in the state of Oklahoma and becoming outraged over the State of Oklahoma’s criminal negligence? To a degree that might cause for a domestic resolution and reconciliation be forced?

You can all dismiss it all you want, but the reality may very well be that this is a situation that could produce massive and long lasting impact on the state of Oklahoma. LOL, you can piss and moan all day long, but this isn’t my mess that has been created – my rights have been violated and I have been forced to live believing I am insane at the hands of ‘your’ criminal behavior…… If you think I’m just going to live my life being made to believe that I’m insane for the sake of your convenience – you’re high.

How do the candidates propose that they will deal with this situation? There might actually be national attention drawn to their ‘debate’ regarding their proposals for resolution. Whether voiced publically in a debate forum or privately ‘off the record’……Possibly international attention? Who knows?

Will they attempt to continue to assist with the cover up? Will they covertly promote a less than peaceful solution? Will they command investigation and prosecution of those involved in a court of law?

I’m certainly personally interested to ‘hear’ what the candidates propose as resolution.

10-18-2010, 01:02 PM
Speaking of ‘other states’……. Took a week vacation the week before last to New Mexico. Never seen so many Obama for President stickers……seriously! I haven’t been out of the state very much since the election and certainly not to such a liberal area……

I know I’m supposed to be ‘insane’ and when I think I ‘hear’ things it’s supposed to be auditory hallucinations/delusions, but if perhaps I am instead a rather ‘tuned in’ person to what my ordeal is – possibly due to the traumatic nature of the events that I have endured….who knows…….

I really got the feeling that there was a drastically diminished sentiment of cover up for W………….. and a fair amount of disgust for the State of Oklahoma for its role in my ordeal.

Thought I would share my photos of the trip……. Nice little getaway from the armpit of George Bush country. I don’t think I felt as though a single sentiment of ‘he needs his ass whooped’ or how Okies ‘ gonna kill me’…….Okie Billy Badass talk was expressed for an ENTIRE week! How refreshing!

Taken from other forums that I have shared my trip on……

Took a weeklong vacation last week to ride out to Santa Fe/Taos and camp/ride. It was awesome! Better than I had anticipated. The Aspens were right at peak color and I love to try to go camping here around peak of color.

I took my video camera along this trip. Bought a camera mount for my RAM system this year and thought I would try it out. The Dyna shakes the video at idle of course, but wit any speed built up it smooths out when it has a load on it.

Didn’t get all that great of pictures, but I did get some decent video – not as sharp as I would like, but oh well.

My first trip up into the mountains – heading out to Bandelier National Monument. The scale of the hills/mountains really isn’t appreciated I photos – at least not in mine. ( ( (

The remainder of the day was spent looking for an alternate campsite – I initially was staying at the Rancheros de Santa Fe Campgrounds south of town, but $24 a night seemed pretty steep for a non electric tent site. I ran up looking for another campground that I had eyed in a bit of research, but never found it. Jack’s something north of Pecos, NM. The Pecos river ran all the way up into the mountains and it was well worth the trip just to see it. I caught my first taste of the Aspens peaking as well…… (

Decided to take it easy my second full day in Santa Fe and hit the farmer’s market…. ( (

Had some artesian bread – green chili and cheese: (

Ate at The Shed......not too shabby! (

I didn’t really take in the cultural sites of Santa Fe on this trip…..I was mostly concerned about seeing the scenery. Here’s one of the old churches. (

The market with the Indian jewelry and whatnot: (

The bike packed at camp before heading up to Taos…..snagged a little $7 cooler to bring a six of leftovers along with me. It piggybacked just fine the whole way up. (

My neighbors camping in Santa Fe were from Montreal and were touring for a YEAR straight…..hoping to go to Argentina ultimately. Here’s the lady’s BMW. He had a GS1200 – her’s is a lowered FS650. They were nice. Blogging their trip on (

All around New Mexico they have these burger stands……and they serve their burgers with green chilis if you want. They were mighty tasty I have to say. (

The Rio Grande River north of Espanolia on the way to my camp ground at the Orilla Verde Recreation Area: (

I can’t brag enough on the campsite that I found there…….$7 a night and the place was just really impressive. I’ll post my video of it after the pics. (

Ok, so, gotta do the Enchanted Circle…..the very best of it in my opinion was between Cuesta and Red River. This was a pic from there…..I wish I had shot video of the whole thing. (

Residential area of Red River…….Aspens in near peak color……really nice winter homes…..I could just see how pretty it must be covered in snow. (

Storms were coming into my path on the eastern leg of the Circle….. I found shelter in the Vietnam Memorial – something sorta poetic about that I think . It came a freakin hail storm and I would have been in a really bad situation out on the bike if I hadn’t found shelter. ( ( ( ( (

The gorge of the Rio Grande in the distance between camp and Taos (

Taos Ski Valley Base…….sun lighting up those trees was awesome: ( (

Ran up the mountain to the Bavarian and had a couple Oktoberfests……..I just wanted to lay in the sun all day and drink beer up there! LOL ( ( (

I didn’t get squat for pics of the bridge over the gorge…… I had to pee from the beer and I was rushing to get over to Chama on 64 to make the loop back through 84 like I was told to do….. (

I missed getting pics of the trees on 64 for fear of not finding gas and getting on my way back before the sun went down……there was freakin snow in the shade on 64…… I had to put in my jacket liner and my head gear to keep from freezing and I sure didn’t want to get caught with the sun going down.

I got my gas and started back with plenty of time…….84 had these ‘pink rocks’ that were pretty amazing…..the size of everything is lost in pictures I’m afraid. It was really majestic. ( ( (

It was Balloon Festival week in Albuquerque as well! I went Saturday to see the night flight…..they didn’t fly because of the wind, but it was still pretty cool. ( ( ( (

2,150 miles for the week…….550 each way and 1,000 around New Mexico……about the best riding so far I have to say as far as scenery goes. Highly recommend! (

Here’s the $7 a night camp that I was so impressed with:

This is where I should have taken all the video I had to shoot…..between Cuesta and Red River was the best of the Enchanted Circle in my opinion……the video is a bit shaky – especially when the Dyna is at idle, but not too shabby I would say…… makes for a nice recording of my trip.

Here’s the residential area outside of Red River that was not to miss and a bit of the trip between Red River and Eagle’s Nest.

The trip between Taos and my campsite was a freakin dream ride itself…….Youtube killed my soundtrack tho….. think Eagles ‘Outlaw Man’ and the end track of ‘Doolin’ Daltin and Desperado’…….the desert…..just made me think of The Eagles.

The trip up to the base through Taos Ski Valley…….

Hot air balloons….

10-20-2010, 06:17 AM
Coincidence? The question is regarding the highway camera system for raising revenue from catching uninsured drivers…….

A rather obscure question in my opinion…….

Actually, my personal ‘paranoid’ feeling was as though while I was waiting in the ‘stand by’ ticket line that the news media expressed a great concern for me to be allowed into the debate and not denied access for any frivolous reason….

So, kudos I suppose to the media (Fourth Estate) for in the least this possible small show of concern for the attitude of the candidates toward privacy….

10-20-2010, 10:12 AM
Ok, thought I would see if perhaps I was putting my foot in my mouth not knowing that there had been some massive debate taking place on an issue of revenue being generated from a potential privacy concern issue in Oklahoma…….

Honestly, I watch a lot of news on tv, but I don’t pay much attention to what’s happening in Oklahoma – I really just want out of here…….

At any rate….. I find one single article on the subject in an admittedly brief search:

With the article stipulating that the revenue from the program was estimated to be $50 million and pointing out what a drop in the bucket that was to the state budget……

So, I stand behind believing that this was a fairly obscure question to be posed to the candidates…..

Was it in my honor? Not sure that I would say I’m certain of that, but I did certainly feel as though there were media members who seemed to have concern that I not be denied access to the debate.

The point of all of this being that it is my assertion that not only is Oklahoma potentially in jeopardy of being thrust into a human rights violation scandal…….but that the State of Oklahoma has profiteered from the exploitation of my privacy for entertainment through political favor that may not have one specific benefit to be nailed to it, but likely more as a perk to a President who paved the way for the state’s primary industry – oil and gas – to make record profits……….

My opinion…….

Ok, so, I have zero *proof* of my opinion on this guy and I’m even less certain of my *intuition* regarding this, but I suspect that this dude: (

John Massey of my good ole hometown – may have been the person responsible for putting a bounty on nailing me with DUIs in Bryan County……

This is purely speculation on my part…… and the exact motive for him to do it is uncertain. I did treat his stepson like a punk one night for some **** that my ex-girlfriend who didn’t grasp the concept of fidelity until she turned 35…..caused and he was in the middle of……

Otherwise, I’m not quite sure……if not for me being ‘kin’ to another businessman from Durant who is equally if not wealthier and more powerful – just not quite the showboat that John Massey is……..Mr. John Massey School of Business SOSU LOL

I really don’t know what their relationship is like……maybe it was out of spite for Allen Wheeler…..dunno.

In recent trips to Durant I have suspected that perhaps it went around that I could have some huge *business* in Oklahoma that would put me into the leagues of power that would rival most from the area…… and being Durant and the lot of assholes that they are – they started recollecting who all had been a prick to me over the years that would be in line to have their asses handed to them for it…..

I got the impression that John Massey was one of those people and that he was furious over the prospect of little ole me rising to the rank of being a thorn in his side for what he may have pulled in the past……

Again, I’m very, very unsure of any of this being remotely reality…..and maybe just me being bored at the lake house dreaming up **** while in the Texoma area.

Anyway, if true – then you can thank him for being an early start on why I ****ing hate Oklahoma……at least he laid the groundwork.

So nice to see the students involved isn’t it? W, your precious *legacy* will likely live in the minds of these people for many decades after you are gone to put *all of your power* behind keeping a lid on the reality of your actions……..

You can erect the most ostentatious memorial to yourself that you like and fund a fulltime staff of whitewashers for eternity…….the truth is getting out regardless. Being a piece of **** and doing everything you can to waste as much of my life as you can manage to is only going to reflect that much more negatively on your precious *legacy*………asshole! ( ( ( ( (

Tried to snag a shot of Wayne Coyne, but my hope that ISO 200 would pull it off failed: (

10-21-2010, 08:54 AM

“The Institute’s work focuses on Education Reform, Global Health, Human Freedom and Economic Growth.”

Beverage spew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s see…..what’s on my calendar for the weekend…….birthday party, AGAIN? I think not. How about skipping the birthday party for my quasi cousin’s toddler…….and grab a burger at Ma’s Roadhouse and head over to SMU and provide a them with a ‘living tribute’ to W’s illustrious administration for their grand opening?

Ground breaking next month! Oh joy! Have to mark that on the calendar……..

$500,000,000…………for an ostentatious tribute to the ego of W.

Being the dude that W has commanded to be ‘under surveillance’ for over a decade resulting in clinical diagnosis of insanity, hospitalization………and having his privacy violated for exploitative entertainment by the world’s biggest douche bag of a President………. And being present for the ‘exhibit’ grand opening and ground breaking of the ostentatious memorial……..


I’ve been making a bit of effort myself in regard to making sure that the history of W’s administration is properly accounted for on some of the nation’s and world’s most prestigious university campuses.

I might be willing to bet that there will be more than a few SMU faculty who will be thrilled to know that I have reached out to their colleagues in various disciplines from the top programs to assist in the effort to memorialize W.

Here’s a listing of a few e-mail addresses that I gathered in previous months….. I’m sure that there were spam filters that blocked a likely majority of these from their intended recipients – it was my hope that perhaps if the word got around that they might dig it out of their spam folders or possibly a colleague would pass it along……..

I feel as though it is very important that these scholarly researchers of various disciplines have the opportunity to be made aware of this situation and perhaps research it from the perspective of their specialty of discipline so that it can be learned from and documented……..

10-21-2010, 08:55 AM uk

emails of contacts in sociology of law:

10-21-2010, 09:32 AM

10-21-2010, 11:00 AM

What needs to be moderated? If you're referring to the e-mail addresses - those are all freely available on the respective university faculty directories......

Or do you just have a political disagreement with what I have to say?

10-22-2010, 02:05 PM
I need to rant and this is directly related to this ‘underground’ theme…..

I’m so f*cking sick of people sitting around pulling their d*cks talking about how I’m going to have a business and that is magically going to provide justice for this ordeal……bla, bla, bla……this one and that one are going to ‘support’ my magic business……..

Then, so, if I don’t want to have the business……. So and so will hire me…..and presumably exploit my situation for their own profit……bla, bla, bla……. Or the story is that they will hire me until I am paid what is owed to me and they want to help me escape this f*cking sh*thole of corruption run by the Queen Bee……………

Yet, not a single motherf*cker will dare to have a pair of balls big enough to break the charade and tell me that I’m not insane and say any of this **** to my face………

When I get pissed off about it and I go off……then ‘he needs his ass whooped’ or worse from the sh*t kicking redneck peanut gallery…………and here we go

It’s the same f*cking thing day after day after day……….almost like clockwork I can count on it. Rarely is there even a variance in the order of it………

THERE IS NO BUSINESS……..I’m never going to just pull some ****ing business out of my ass…….I’m not coming up with some magic business plan on my own and strutting down to the bank and tell them that ‘the voices’ told me they will support me in the business and here’s my business plan – fork it over……

I don’t give a **** about having any business that puts me in a position to be reliant upon George ****ing Bush for it to succeed. He’s a f*cking lunatic. All he wants is for me to have ‘the business’ so that he can muzzle me from telling what a piece of **** he is to everyone I meet.

As for the ‘so and so will hire me’…… know I believe that some of these people really are compassionate and don’t strictly have a mind to exploit my ‘employment’ for them to profiteer from it…… MAKE MY PHONE RING…..WHAT GOOD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING BY JUST SPREADING RUMORS ABOUT HOW YOU WILL HIRE ME – BLA, BLA, BLA…… All it does is ends up pissing me off and making me look like a d*ck when I get fed up with it and it’s got to be perfectly f*ckng clear by now that I don’t appreciate it.

As for the less scrupulous…… not so much as even a salary mentioned? Much less a percentage of any ‘deals’ made on my name? Really? LOL Not going to happen.

Basically…….if you don’t have the balls to call me directly and make your offers – then why would it ever be believed that you actually have the balls to hire me knowing that I am out to be paid what is owed to me and acting like you’re going to take the heat while I pursue it?

I’ve said all of this a million times before……I apologize for the language for those who are so very sensitive to such things, but I simply can not express my feelings without it.

10-22-2010, 02:21 PM
You know, there are plenty of places out on the Interwebs that provide blogging space for free. It's not as if your incoherent ramblings are conducive to discussion. Every time I take a look at this thread I get lost after each disjointed post. It's like watching a homeless guy having discussions with himself.

10-22-2010, 02:27 PM
This is mental illness. Mods?

10-22-2010, 02:32 PM
I think you might consider moving to San Francisco...nice place--pretty--decent can pursue all these subjects ad infinitum there--and people will nod their me...

10-22-2010, 02:58 PM
You know, there are plenty of places out on the Interwebs that provide blogging space for free. It's not as if your incoherent ramblings are conducive to discussion. Every time I take a look at this thread I get lost after each disjointed post. It's like watching a homeless guy having discussions with himself.

This is mental illness. Mods?

Why are you so intent on being ‘internet cop?’ Or crying for mods to step in to make me go away?

If my ramblings are so ‘disjointed’and ‘incoherent’ – why does it illicit such a demand for me to be silenced here?

The vast majority of what I am posting here is of great concern for ‘Oklahoma City’ and the state of Oklahoma………..whether you choose to believe there is reality to any of it or not – I am contesting that there is.

The more that you insist that I sound like I’m crazy……..the more you are making the point of what I have endured has been torment for making me believe that I am. So, if you think you are somehow undermining my intent of expressing myself here by issuing insults to me – you are mistaken.

Now, would you like for me to follow your postings on this board and critique them? I’m sure I could rip you a new asshole if I chose to, but you know what? Somehow I manage to not even know who you are or give a **** about what you have to post here………try it.