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07-29-2010, 02:25 PM
The little pho shop on Air Depot, "Pho My" (in with Jersey Mike's and Tan and Tone) has stepped up fairly well.

On my initial visit, I was underwhelmed. The waiter wasn't going to bring me any basil/limes/bean sprouts/peppers until I asked "Where's the leaf?". Then, the various cuts of meat in my pho were bound together as if they hadn't had time to thaw from their pre-portioned freezer packs.

HOWEVER, Tuesday, the 27th, I was working in the area and gave them another try.
Service was smart, food was quick and hot, spring rolls and peanut sauce were as good as anywhere, and the place was jumping, so, I went back today for fluke-check. I'm pleased to say that I don't HAVE to drive over to Pho Lien Hoa's, if I don't feel like it, anymore.

Now, I'm not the be-all, end-all food critic dude, but if you like pho, and live in Eastville,
you should give them a chance.

07-29-2010, 05:22 PM
That's my part of town. Thanks for the review. Based on that I think I will hit them up with the wife. We usually go to a place on NW 23rd or 30th and Classen.

08-04-2010, 07:03 PM
Went there with the wife tonight. Tried the Crab Rangoon, shrimp rolls, vermicelli, and pho. The place was very clean, the wait staff was very friendly, prices were reasonable to low and the food quality was really good.

The waiter forgot to bring us the sauce that's supposed to come with the vermicelli that you pour on top (had to ask for it). The biggest gripe I had though was the fact it was 103 outside and the thermostat inside was set at 85. We asked if they could turn it down and they said, "no." I passed the thermostat when washing my hands, and I was tempted to turn it down myself.

We were literally sweating while seated at the table. This could be a deal breaker in the future.