View Full Version : Stillwater's Mayor Bates Barely Beats Recall

05-12-2010, 08:17 PM

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The young mayor kept his job Tuesday in a recall election that saw 2,226 people vote to remove him from office and 2,230 vote to keep him.

"I like it. I’d rather it be close than spread out, because I can thank every single one of my volunteers and tell them they each personally made a difference,” Bates said.

Bates, 28, was first elected in April 2009. He said he’ll now focus on "getting Stillwater back on track.”

A recall petition against Bates was submitted in January by City Councilor Darrell Dougherty, who had previously called on Bates to resign.

Bates, a recent Oklahoma State University graduate, had been criticized by Dougherty and other political opponents who claimed he used his mayoral seat to steer money to a company he owns and interfere with city business.

Opponents also publicized an incident in which Bates was allegedly drunk in public and asked a woman to expose herself at a party.

Bates has denied all allegations made against him. He said Tuesday’s election showed the public is on his side, and urged his opponents to not "be sour about it.”